“Lost Sparrow” Premiere

From: NAFM OFFICE [mailto:atoka1@cox.net] Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 2:06 PM To: Georgia Wettlin-Larsen Subject: “Lost Sparrow” Premiere Georgia; Received this in regard to an incident that had occurred recently. r.c. —————————- Chris Billing Director/Producer, Lost Sparrow 1933 S Street NW #E Washington DC 20009 (202) 365-5231 www.lostsparrowmovie.com The documentary Lost Sparrow will premier at […]

Native Nations: Standing Together for Civil Rights

Native Nations: Standing Together for Civil Rights    Presented by the National Council of Churches USA, produced by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Native Nations, hosted by Peter Coyote, chronicles the American Indians’ struggle for civil rights, and the creation of the National Indian Lutheran Board to raise funds and awareness for that struggle.  […]

Tribal Dresses, Stories, Labor and Female Bonding

By KAREN ROSENBERG Published: October 7, 2008 Most of us get dressed in the morning with only the vaguest notion of where the clothes on our backs come from. A 19th-century American Indian woman could tell you exactly who had hunted the animals from which her dress was taken. She would know who had tanned […]


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Dakota War 1862

Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations. Dakota War 1862 Oct 12th, 2008 Posted in Dakota History | Edit | no comment » Tags: We will be adding more History to this site.

Northside Arts Collective Annual Meeting

Dear Friends, We would like to invite you to the  on November 7th. Time: November 7, 2008 – 5pm – 9pm Location: St. Anne’s Residence – Queen & Broadway (2325 Queen Avenue North) Attached is an e-mail invitation for our NAC annual meeting on November 7th. Also attached is a catalog of the art pieces […]

American Indian Heritage Month

Click on the link to view the upcoming events https://db.metrostate.edu/webapps/drep/National American Indian Heritage Month 2008.pdf

The Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) in Santa Fe , New Mexico seeks Native and First Nations artists.

FYI…Please forward to those that may have an interest in this opportunity.  Thanks! The Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) in Santa Fe , New Mexico seeks Native and First Nations artists to apply for its upcoming fellowships.  The next fellowship is the 2009 Eric and Barbara Dobkin Fellowship for Native Women, a three-month fellowship from March 1-May 31.  Other […]

Transparent Butterfly ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.

Transparent Butterfly It comes from Central America and is found from Mexico to Panama. It is quite common in its zone, but it not easy to find because of its transparent wings, which is a natural camouflage mechanism. A butterfly with transparent wings is rare and beautiful. As delicate as finely blown glass, the presence […]

Remembrance Of Highway 55

FACES of RESISTANCE GALLERY 7 HIGHWAY 55 PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 36-37. Mary O’Brien, CSJ, John Harmon and Rita McDonald, CSJ, keep vigil with others across from the cottonwood tree wherein the remaining four environmental activists had “locked down” in their attempt to halt construction of the Highway 55 reroute and […]

Native Spirituality according to Luther Standing Bear

Explanation of Native American Spirituality “The Indian loved to worship. From birth to death, he revered his surroundings. He considered himself born in the luxurious lap of Mother Earth, and no place was to him humble. There was nothing between him and the Big Holy (Wakan Tanka). The contact was immediate and personal, and the […]

Crystal Shawanda Amazing Artist.

Hello,   I just wanted to take a minute of your time to introduce one my favorite new artist. Her name is Crystal Shawanda and she is truly an amazing talent!    Crystal pours her heart & soul into her music, because it is her lifeline.  A Native American, Crystal grew up on the Wikwemikong […]

Kirby Sattler, Native american Artist

CLICK FOR KIRBY SATTLER WEBSITE Kirby Sattler The work of Kirby Sattler is fueled by an inherent interest in the Indigenous Peoples of the Earth. His current images evolve from the history, ceremony, mythology, and spirituality of the Native American. Sattler’s ultra-detailed interpretations examine the inseparable relationship between the Indian and his natural world, reflecting […]

The return of Turok, a Native American comic-book hero

By Blaine Kyllo Propaganda Games was formed three years ago by a group of former Electronic Arts staffers. Within months, it was acquired by Buena Vista Games, now Disney Interactive Studios. In an interview with the Georgia Straight at Propaganda’s Vancouver offices, general manager and vice president Josh Holmes said the company had been working […]


NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE Thsi page has Native American timelimes, documents, treaties, etc. It also has information that is important and impacting to Native Americans. It contains many good links to other Native American themed websites, including Native American art, history and  poetry check it out here: http://www.teacheroz.com/Native_Americans.htm

Indigenouspeople.net Videos & info!

Here is a great site with much information, original hard to find documents, great videos and a multilingual mailing list. Some of the sections of this site I found useful were the complete list of tribes and the listing Native leaders. Thanks for offering such a great site! Check them out at http://www.indigenouspeople.net/

Native American Indian Ceremonies

Native American Ceremonies Ceremony plays a vital, essential role in Native American religions. Whereas western religions typically consider ceremony the servant of theology, Native American religions barely recognize the distinction between myth and ritual.Often the ritual proves to be established and secure while the myth is vague and unclear. Indian ceremonies grew up within local […]