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Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter

Sisters of St. Joseph who have retired. And the Consociate Community.

Sisters of StJoseph of Carondelet.

Thank you Sharon for joining us yesterday Feb 15th, 2024. 

What a blessed opportunity for a good group of community members to meet you yesterday.  Sorry you were not feeling well yesterday, so all the more reason that I am so very grateful that you still came out with the snow and roads to spend this time with us.  We are very grateful. 

I will attach a few photos from yesterday for you here, and then I will work on downloading the video and additional photos on a DVD for you to have.

You asked for a list of the people who attended yesterday.

Sisters of St. Joseph who attended:

  • Brigid McDonald, CSJ
  • Susan Hames, CSJ
  • Linda Taylor, CSJ
  • Cathy McLaughlin, CSJ
  • Cathy Steffens, CSJ
  • Jane Hurley, CSJ
  • Linda Napier, CSJ

Consociates and those connected to the sisters who attended:

  • Karen Zeleznak
  • Connie Bowen
  • Anna McCallum (Candidate)
  • Linda Crosby
  • Michelle Hueg (also our Archivist.)
  • Margaret McRaith
  • Marilyn Woolley
  • Bridgette Kelly
  • Lisa Murphy (staff)
  • Marty Roers (staff)
  • Robert Haarman, from Gichitwaa Kateri Catholic Community

Thank you again, Marty. I have to take my cancer pills at 11:00, the same time as the meeting. When I take my pills I get a number 8 headache and stomach ache. I could not miss this meeting. You know why LOL

Love Sharon

Here is the retired sister’s home I went to yesterday. Sisters of St. Joseph and Consociate Community.  The Consociates and those connected to the sisters who attended. 

Many of the sisters did read my book and loved it. Some others will be buying my books. We also talked about fundraising for Mendota.

I will be going to more churches as I’m invited. I know most of the council can not make it in the mornings where I can. I just love everyone. 

I met sister Bridget McDonald from Highway 55 and Coldwater. Sister Jane McDonald will be moving in at the sister retirement home this weekend. Now the two family sisters can be together.

There were 5 McDonald sisters that were nuns.

Love Sharon