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Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations

The MMDTC is a Tribal 501C3 Org

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is a Tribal 501C3 Org


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Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter

How to make your payment for rent write a check to Mendota Dakota.

How to make your payment for rent: Please write a check to Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community or MMDTC or use ACH. For ACH, go to downloads and look for the honorary ach form. Please send checks to MMDTC or Sharon Lennartson 945 Redwood Dr Apple valley, MN 55124 until we do a change of address. When using pay pal write donation on your donation. And on your check write donations too.

New address will be 1200 Centre Pointe Curve Mendota Heights, MN 55120 in 6 weeks. When we do a change of address.

Social Justice Friends, to help Mendota pay our rent for 3 years.

Social Justice Friends,


Thanks to the efforts of a number of us on this email, we are happy to say that there is a growing relationship between members of Lumen Christi Catholic Community and our indigenous neighbors, the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community ( Our church and many of our homes are located in the Dakota Homeland, and it is a blessing to us that the Mendota Dakota community is eager to get to know us and to work with us for the good of the people and of this place.


Now is a time when the MMDTC needs your support. Their Tribal Chairwoman, Sharon Lennartson, and their entire Tribal Council are working to establish a place for their community to call a home base. They have found an office in Mendota Heights to rent, and a group of us are helping to secure money to cover their first 3 years of rent payments. The MMDTC Tribal Council has secured the first 10 months of rent, and we need to raise an additional $47,960 to meet this goal.


This office is an important step forward for the MMDTC. It represents a powerful vision for the wellbeing of the community. A vision of home. A vision of place where the Tribal Council can meet. A place where the community can gather, break bread and practice ceremony. A place where irreplaceable historical documents can be safely stored. A place where members of the community can work for the good of the people.


This office is a step toward Sharon’s and the Tribal Council’s larger vision of one day building a community center on land that the MMDTC can call it’s own.


You can help us meet our goal by contributing whatever you are able. Donations can be made in a lump sum, or payments can made annually, quarterly or monthly. A number of people are pledging $25 a month as their commitment, and we ask that you consider what amount would be meaningful for you. Any amount helps, If you would like to donate your time and talent in addition or instead of money, please feel free to contact us. 


We request your pledge by May 1, so that we can begin collecting monthly contributions in May.