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Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter

Please read about Floyd Buck Jourdain

A Warrior for Change.

Boozhoo Red Lake Nation.

Monday and Wednesday we will vote for change. What kind of change do we want?

This is who I fight for. The children and families who cant fight for themselves.

I choose to resist a drug culture that has consumed our people and our tribe..

As we speak there are people preying on the vulnerabilities of those in need, those addicted and those down on their luck by offering them money and drugs. If you are offered a ride to vote in exchange for drugs and money please refuse! These people do not have you or the tribes best interests in mind.

I refuse to buy a vote. I refuse to offer drugs to our people in exchange for a vote.

Again, I ask you to resist when you are approached by those offering you drugs and money for your vote. Any leader or potential leader who resorts to this kind of campaigning should not be in office.

I fight for the missing and murdered, I fight for the taking of our Indian lands by corporate oil companies, and anyone who thinks that this is acceptable. I fight for the children who are the future of our reservation. I fight to change the deplorable living conditions that our people are living in, and provide better opportunities. I will seek justice for those families who’s loved ones are missing and murdered without anyone being held accountable. I will fight to replace a drug culture with our own culture that promotes, love, honesty, courage, respect, humility, truth, and wisdom.

I fight for our lands and lakes. There has been no leadership in this area as we see our borders slowly beginning to open, our sovereignty diminish, our tribal lands being threatened, and non members who prey on our people spilling on to our tribal lands.

I fight for our off reservation members who have been ignored and disenfranchised for far too long unless they are approached for their vote, then forgotten again.

I refuse to turn our reservation over to those who take advantage of our people while enriching themselves. I fight for those who have been mistreated, and ignored by this administration unless they have political value, or will carry out the wishes of those in power. This is not how I was taught by our Red Lake elders.

As a bear clan member, I fight to protect our people, not to drug them and take advantage of them with alcohol, meth and heroin.

We need to keep our communities safe. This is not happening right now, and the people who do not want change in our grassroots communities are perfectly fine with it.

As you cast your vote, I ask you to think about this crucial time in our history. We need our Warriors to stand up and fight for our people. I will fight for you, instead of the special interests looking to preserve their own wealth and power by keeping things the same.

I ask you to join me in the movement to resist what is going on and bring about the change that needs to happen.

We need a Warrior for change!


Floyd Buck Jourdain