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Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter

Please read about Mendota’s Inipi or Sweat Lodge and protocol. Welcome!

I sent out an email to most of you a few days ago. When Joseph called me to cancel the inipi and put it on our website. Because of the winter storm, that never happened. Always check out our website for updates on the Inipi. Or any events we have at the Mendota Community Office. I realized that I have not met some of you. I would love to meet all of you. I have not been to a Inipi for a while. Since I got cancer in 2019, but I’m always there in spirit. One day soon I will start again. Pidamayaye to Joseph for running our Inipi. And everyone who helps him.
I did not have some people on the inipi list. So I added today Steve Renville, Rebecca Synder, Mariah Ring,  Anthony Rathbun, Steve Vander Water. These are local people. If I ‘m missing anyone please email me. I will add them to the list. Steve V can you bring coffee to honor our ancestors on Feb 3rd, by 10:00am. Please email me that you can bring coffee, cream, sugar and cups. Or have someone else pick up the coffee, like John G, or Tommy T. Just the usual amount of coffee. Susu will bring donuts holes. We also need 2 cases of water. Who will bring the water let me know? One case will go to the people there. The other goes to the office. You can bring something that morning too if you want for people there. Hope to see you all at the ceremony. Bring a dish to the feast at the office. Come and see our new office. Everyone is welcome!

1200 Centre Pointe Curve Mendota Heights, MN 55120. We are on the far left side, go down stairs we are on the right side, there will be signs. Our Fundraising Letter to help Mendota get a community center. Is on our website on the left side, with a big hand on it. If you want to help us, send it to anyone, everyone. Please CC Sharon Lennartson on all emails, and texts.

P.S when I called the DNR to have our honoring there at Fort Snelling State Park. We have been doing this for 28 years. The number I had was Larry the DNR guy, Larry is retired now. I used to talk to him many years ago, he remembered me after all these years LOL. Larry said we can not go near the wood structure there – Wokiksuye K’a Woyuonihan Memorial Site. Larry said it is too dangerous right now. No one can use it now until it is reconstructed. WHEN, I don’t know. Larry said the DNR contacted the other tribes. But of course not the Mendota Community. Something needs to be done about no one ever contacting us on any Native issues.

We are right here in plan site. Why because we are not federally recognized. So tired of hearing that for over 30 years. I will be talking to Jessi from the DNR in a few days, to see what is going on. To see if we can use the park, if not where? Maybe St Peter’s Church grounds? Just as long as we honor our ancestors they are waiting for us. Because of water damage and wood deteriorating. The DNR needs to keep people away from the sacred aera.
I don’t see why we can not use the space we always use. I should think the DNR has it block off stay away from the wood structure. Give me your thoughts.
Woman wear skirt, or dress, can not be on there moon (period) bring a towel. Men wear shorts and have a towel. Joseph will tell you about prayer ties to bring at each inipi. Please always bring food to pass for the feast. Please bring sage and tobacco.

Dress warm I have been going there for 28 years as well as others for that long. I have missed one or two. I did a zoom two years ago. We may do a zoom there again at the site.

Remember our ancestors had no proper shelter, much food if any, maybe some warm cloths, who knows. Could you walk 500 miles in the freezing weather. Seeing loved one left behind. This is always so sad to have to write what they went though. We can not even imagine. What a travesty that was for our Dakota people. I wish I could go back in time and change what the goverment did to our people. Shame on you our USA goverment. The next president should be a native woman or man.

Love Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chair.