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Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter


Flag carriers and Eagle Staff carriers.

At our Wacipi / Pow Wow Sept 9-10-11-2022. At St Peters Church in Mendota MN.


June 20, 2022


Good day my brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles.


My name is John Varone and years ago I was given the name from a Cherokee Elder of “Strong Voice”. I have been given the honor for the last 16 years to head up the honor guard at the annual Mendota Pow Wow. 


Lately it has become very difficult to get veterans to help out at each session of the event. It is imperative that I try and solidify Flag carriers and Eagle Staff carriers. The biggest issue is if you carry something in you MUST be able to carry it out at the end of each session.

I am asking that anyone who wishes to carry in let me know so I can schedule the times etc. I have contacted various Legion Posts and VFW posts. Not much luck as the last conversation was a stmt by an officer with a Post that “Custer would have won if he had more guns” That did not go well with me.

I am asking that you call me at 952 200 0224 and set up times when you can help. 


1st day is Grand entry at 1 and exit at approx 4: 30

1st day evening. Enter at approx 7 and exit by 9 PM

2nd day Sunday. Enter at 1 PM and exist at about 5 PM. 


There is a small payout for those that participate in each round. Payout is on Sunday about 6 PM. You do not need to be a veteran to carry a family Eagle Staff. To carry a flag it would be nice. I need to start signing folks up for this event as I am retiring next year at age 75. I want to sit with the Elders. We will teach you, not hard, and support you all the way.


Please contact. John Varone at 952 200 0224. We can then get the correct info from you.

                                   Pdamaye my relatives.   John


Mendota Pow Wow is the 2nd Weekend in September 9-10-11. All are welcome.