Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community

“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

The MMDTC is a tribal community, not yet federally recognized. We are a Tribal 501C3 org.

(It really helps our tribe)


is a Tribal 501C3 Org

Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter


Welcome to the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community.

We are a nonprofit 501C3 organization dedicated to protecting important and sacred sites and bringing Dakota Oyate (nation) culture back to its birthplace in Minnesota. 

  • Acquire a land base so we can build a community center.
  • Obtain federal recognition.
  • Maintain a tribal office in Mendota.
  • Promote and support the preservation of the Dakota culture, including protecting sites of cultural significance to the Dakota people.
  • Promote a better understanding between the Native American community and the public.
  • Teach community members and others the Dakota language.
  • Develop self-sufficiency through in-house business.

We believe we are here to play an important spiritual and cultural role for all people who live here in the land of our ancestors. Please help us to continue our mission by DONATING to our cause. Pidamaya! (Thank you)‚Äč

October Full Moon at Coldwater

October Full Moon at Coldwater Inbox Susu Jeffrey 7:55 AM (14 minutes ago) to Tom, Jen, me Indigenous Peoples’ Day Full Moon Walk at Sacred Coldwater Springs Sunday,

Sudden Sweat Alert! Inipi Ceremony Tuesday (TODAY) at 5 PM. Please bring a dish to pass.

Joseph Bester 12:11 AM (7 hours ago) to me, Ahlers, Alice, Anderson, Angelia, Annie, Axtell, Baker, Bill, Bob, Bob, Bobby, Brian, Brian, Carol, Childs, Chris, Christi, Clark, Clay, Coler, Danielle, Dave, Deborah, Jason, Dorothy, Duane, Earl, Amy, Gary, John, James, Jeff, Jim, Joan, John, John, Joseph, Joseph, Karen, Kathy, Kiara, Lacey, Larry, Laura, Lee, Lenny, Linda, Lisa, Lisa, Luana, Maria, Mary, Mehta, Mike, Mike, Mike, Nate, Pamela, Patricia, Paul, Paul, Randall, Randy, Renee, Richard, Rita, Robert, Robert, Sam, Sammy, Sarah, Jim, Strandmark, Swestrich, Terre, Therese, Wendy, Yo Sorry for the short notice though there was a desire to provide an Inipi Ceremony for those

Inipi on Sunday 8/28.

As was shared a the last meeting with the Historical Society, we are no longer barred from starting our Sacred Fire before the Inipi Ceremonies,

Mendota’s Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT Mission of the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community:¬†‚ÄúTo preserve, protect, and promote the Dakota culture for future generations.‚ÄĚ MMDTC membership participated in a

Why We Dance!

We dance to pray We pray is to heal We heal is to give We give is to live We live to dance as it

Mendota Days July 9th, 2022.

Morning Brian Mielke, Mayor of Mendota, thanks for the invite. Some members of the Mendota Community will be there on Sat July 9th. We would

Elizabeth Warren

Wacipi Flyer

Waiting to hear from the Belcourt’s and Eastman’s for the honoring. And others for what positions they will take, arena director, head drum and co

Monsignor Augustin Ravoux

Monsignor Augustin Ravoux Archdiocese Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Metropolis Minneapolis-Saint Paul Other post(s) Administrator February 22, 1857‚Äď 1859 Orders Ordination January

Porkys Sugarbush Camp

Sugarbush t1Ma0rSp5ch¬†9¬†7f78att¬†8:34¬†mtPdM¬†¬†¬∑¬† We are not backing down!! We are tough sugarbushers and we will meet on Saturday 11am for Pebaam’s ceremony and the feast to

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