Jim Anderson talks about sacred native site at Cold Water

http://www.mendotadakota.com/hoipate/Jim_Anderson_Coldwater.avi Jim Anderson, (Red Sky) of the Mendota Dakota Mdewakanton Community discusses the importance of the sacred “Cold Water” in Pike Island (big island) Minnesota.  This starts out in native language and then in English.  Very Interesting. This is a large file, It may take a long time to download, especial if you have a […]

All about the Upper Sioux Tribe

The Reservation tribal headquarters is located five miles south of Granite Falls, Minnesota, on the Minnesota River in Yellow Medicine County. The reservation is 115 miles west of Minneapolis. History This land we call Pejuhutazizi Kapi (The place where they dig for yellow medicine) has been the homeland for our people, the Dakota Oyate (Nation), […]


The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community, a federally-recognized Native American tribe, issued the following news release: The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community has awarded a $1 million grant to the Grand Portage Band of Ojibwe for renovation of the Grand Portage Lodge and Casino. The Lodge was first built in 1974. The first phase of the […]

Mendota Mdwakanton Dakota Community’s letter of support:

Mendota Mdwakanton Dakota Community’s letter of support: August 12, 2004 To Whom It Should Concern: I believe that renaming the river “Wakpa Wakan” or “Spirit River” is a great stride in mending the circle that we share with all four colors of man. We, as Dakotas, are very happy that there are people out there […]

Derogatory name changes supported by Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community Pow Wow

Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community Pow Wow in Minnesota. Jim Anderson, the Cultural Chair for the Mdewakanton Dakota community and a leading activist for Minnesota’s Dakota people, asked Thomas Dahlheimer set up a stand and display information about my work. Anderson addressed the pow wow participants about the bill to change 14 derogatory location names across […]


LIFE AND CONDITIONS ON THE PINE RIDGE OGALA LAKOTA (SIOUX) RESERVATION OF SOUTH DAKOTA   This and other articles may be viewed on the internet at the website, The Writings of Stephanie M. Schwartz www.SilvrDrach.homestead.com A Special Resource Report: Regarding life, conditions, and hope on the Pine Ridge Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Reservation of SD www.SilvrDrach.homestead.com/Schwartz_2006_Oct_15.html […]

Cultural Council funds Native American program

Rochester – The Rochester Cultural Council has awarded $589 in funding to support the Native American Educational Outreach Project at the Robbins Museum of Archaeology, located at 17 Jackson St. in Middleborough. Funding from the Rochester Cultural Council will cover the costs of transportation to and admission at the museum for local third-grade students and […]

House to vote on proposed Native American Affairs Committee

By Travis Coleman Journal staff writer SIOUX CITY — The proposed creation of a Commission on Native American Affairs is up for a vote in the Iowa House of Representatives after being unanimously approved by the House State Government Committee this week. The commission aims to work with tribal governments, groups and members in the […]

TSTC Powwow to highlight Native American culture

Texas State Technical College Waco Reporter: Mary Drennon Email Address: mary.drennon@tstc.edu WACO) – Colorful costumes, social Native American dance and song and much more will be on tap this spring at Texas State Technical College Waco. The Native American Student Association of TSTC will host the 2008 Waco Intertribal Powwow from 11 a.m. to 8 […]

Last of Lakota Sioux Code Talkers Recalls WWII Service

By Greg Flakus, VoA News They have been called the Greatest Generation for what they did to stop the Nazis in Europe and the Imperialist Japanese army in Asia and the Pacific. Veterans of World War II are said to be dying at the rate of 1,000 a day. Among those still with us are […]

Schooling, Immersion Programs Help Save Endangered Languages

__________________________ Science Conference Addresses Importance of Preservation By Art Chimes, VoA News San Francisco, CA – February 28, 2007 – There are nearly 7,000 languages on Earth, but experts say about half of them are endangered, meaning only a small and declining number of often elderly people speak the language. Major world and national languages […]

NCAI Empowers Native Youth through New Program

NCAI Empowers Native Youth through New Youth Ambassador Leadership Program Release by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) In an effort to expand youth leadership in  Indian Country, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) has created the Youth Ambassador Leadership Program (YALP) to acknowledge the strong leadership capabilities and skills present within both […]

Minneapolis History is really Sioux history.

Minneapolis History is really Sioux history Mendota Mdewakanton

Minneapolis history before the middle of the 19th Century is really the history of the Dakota (Sioux) American Indians.

It is believed that the Dakota people lived and flourished in the area to be known as Minneapolis before Daniel Greysolon, Sieur Du Luth (known as Duluth), and Father Louis Hennepin visited the area in the 1680s. The Dakota bands were well established in the culture of hunting and gathering and were skilled in horsemanship. The other dominant Indian Nation in the area was the Ojibwe. Intertribal fighting between the Ojibwe and the Dakota had a long history. By 1800, many Dakota Mdewakanton had settled along the lower Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers below the sacred site of the Falls of St. Anthony.

Bellecourt denounces KQRS for disguising racism as entertainment

By Katrina Plotz December 13, 2007 Overlooking 35W and 94th St. in Bloomington, a billboard for KQRS radio reads ‘Our Lawyer is Always Busy.’ According to protesters who gathered outside station headquarters last week, KQRS has a battle on its hands. On December 6, more than 75 people braved single-digit temperatures to demand that the […]


By Mike Graham Although the U.S. Federal Government today does not issue bounties for Indian scalps and calling for their extermination, the Republican party is waging a national political economic war against the Native American community through their anti-Indian politics. Republican party elected representatives, state and federal are fully supporting anti-Indian groups like “One Nation […]