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Update from From Chris Mato Nunpa -Hau Mitakuyapi!

Subject: [oceti_sakowin] VISIT/Ihantunwan Dakota/Resistance/Hog Farm

Hau Mitakuyapi, “Hello my relatives”
Owasin cantewasteya nape ciyuzapi do!  “With a good heart, I greet all of you with a handshake.”
I just returned from a visit to the Ihanktunwan Dakota Reservation, May 01-03, 2008.  The purpose of the visit was to stand in support and solidarity with the Ihanktunwan against the hog farm that will soon start operations.  However, it rained on Fri 5/02 so there was no standing and watching the invaders build their pig farm.  I wish to share some thoughts, observations, and reactions…

1.)  As I approached the Ft. Randall Casino Hotel on Th. 5/01 I wondered what I should do first, who I should call, and who could tell me exactly where the site of the hog farm is.  I was registering at the hotel desk and there comes Faith Spotted Eagle.  We exchanged greetings and she said she would show me around.
I mention this because I have noticed that as I have been following, learning, and practicing our ancient spiritual ways, that things seem to fall into place.  And this happens when I have prayed about what I am going to do.  Faith came along and answered all my questions.  This has happened many times for me.

2.)  I met some young people from Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas.  These young people were very intelligent and talented. It was they who created the videos about the Resistance to the hog farm.
The names and email addresses of these young people are:
Carlos Cariaga
Diane Sampson
Jon Ray
Chris Ross
It was a pleasure to eat the evening meal with them.

3.)  That evening, Th. 5/01, the Longest Walk Talk Radio show hosts – Govinda Dalton and Brenda Norrell – interviewed Faith Spotted Eagle and her son, Glen.  The interview was very fascinating and informative.
Both Faith and Glen stressed that it was the Ihanktunwan Dakota who were in charge and had jurisdiction over the road BIA #29. Glen talked about the “animal nations” who would be impacted negatively by the hog farm.  He talked of the false arrests and how the police and the state troopers were the trespassers.  Faith stressed that these young men were not “protestors” but “protectors” of the People and of the Ihanktunwan land.  She also mentioned that the governor of South Dakota had NOT communicated with the Ihanktunwan Dakota People.  She talked about the passing of the guard from the older activists, like herself, to the younger activists, like her sons Glen and Kip, and John Zephier.

4.)  It was my pleasure to have breakfast with Brenda Norrell.  She was a writer for “Indian Country Today“.  They told her not to write of grass-roots movements and genocide.  She did, and was fired.  she has 25 years of experience.  She was, then, blackballed.  She couldn’t get a job.  No one would pay her for her expertise and skills.  Now she is working for the Longest Walk.
She told me that the Colorado legislature had passed a resolution about genocide and holocaust of the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S.  That this action had created much controversy.

5.)  That Friday morning, 5/02, I was interviewed by Govinda and Brenda re: the Sesquicentennial, the 150th birthday of Minnesota as a state.  This interview can be found at: under “Genocide.

6.)  That afternoon, Fri. 5/02, I was invited to participate in a talk show with Govinda and Brenda.  This also can be found at
However, I am not sure which topic it is under.

7.)  That evening, Fri. 5/02, Govinda and Brenda interviewed Faith Spotted Eagle, her son, Kip Spotted Eagle, John Zephier, John’s wife, and Joan Olive, who described herself as “the token white woman.”
This was when I found out about all 45 state trooper cars in the state of South Dakota were there at Marty, South Dakota, along with the local police, the county sheriff and his deputies, 2 SWAT teams, and 2 snipers.  In my opinion, these supposed “law enforcement” officers were there to shoot and kill “Indians.”  I have always viewed South Dakota as an extremely racist state, a state where there is so much racial hatred.
John talked about the bullying,” and intimidating behavior of the officers.  There was a front-loader that knocked over a Dakota youth.
Then, there was the incident in which John’s 24-year-old son was “chain-sawed” in the back of his legs and left bleeding alone in the field.  The son is alive but can’t walk right now.  The sheriff says it was “an accident.”  John mentioned that the BIA police “would not protect us.”  As I listened to Kip and John, I wanted to cheer, to cry, and was so damn angry at these hate-filled racists.
John said, “we have alwaysd been in a fight with South Dakota.  We stood our ground.  We’re still standing our ground.”
The “token white woman” was very knowledgeable about the toxic substances that come from a hog farm and how these poisons harm the children, the people, the water, and the earth.
One ironic incident, and absurdly humorous, clean water from the Yankton reservation area was piped down to Hull, Iowa, where this pig farm corporation came from.  Apparently, the water in Hull, Iowa was to dirty to use with the pigs.

8.)  As I was driving home today, I called Faith Spotted Eagle to thank her.  She told me that Erin Brockovich was going to defend those arrested, was going to represent the Ihanktunwan Dakota in a class action law suit, and was going to defend the young man who was “chain-sawed” by the Chain-saw Madman.  What wonderful news!

However, the Ihanktunwan Dakota People need our help, finances, encouragement, etc.  Those of you who follow the ancient traditional ways.  Pray for the Ihanktunwan People when you’re at your personal alters.  Pray for them when you go into the Inipi.  Pray for them when you load your pipe.
That’s something all of us can do, pray for them no matter what our religious/spiritual persuasion is.

Hau, henana epe kte.  “Yes, this is all I have to say”
Toksta, ake owas waciyakapi kte.  “I will see all of you again, soon.”

Mato Nunpa de miye do!  “I am Two Bear!”

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