My name is Colin Robin Wesaw and I have been working for our Native people

Native American Training Needs: My name is Colin Robin Wesaw and I have been working for our Native people for many, many years from when I was a young person working at the American Indian Center of Chicago to my later years working and directing the Native American Leadership camp at Wilder Forest, for ten […]

Update on the Commemorative Walk

Just a reminder that the Dakota Commemorative March is in progress.  The walkers can use all the support that they can get.  If you can, please try to make it out to walk with them for at least a little while.  If you are unable to walk, please try make the trip and encourage them […]

Letter from Leonard Peltier.

November 5, 2008 My Relatives and Friends, Last night a change in this country took place that not too long ago many people said would never happen. An African-American was elected to the White House and by a major landslide, which gives him a mandate by the public to fulfill his promises. This landslide indicates […]

Commemoration March People on the walk need some food, if you can help, go to this website. I wll be posting more information asap.

> Contact your tribal chairman to halt the enbridge clipper pipeline > expansion through Leech Lake.

From: “IEN” <> To: <rockeagl@PAULBUNYAN.NET> Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 4:17 PM Subject: tar sands oil going through leech lake territories > contact your tribal chairman to halt the enbridge clipper pipeline > expansion through leech lake. > > > > > > Minnesota Opponents line up against Canadian oil pipeline > […]

Dakota Concentration Camp ( UPDATE )

November 2, 2008 Dakota Concentration Camp Fort Snelling State Park Mni Sota Makoce The Oceti Sakowin along with the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community hosted a Wokiksuye Wicohan – a feast of Thanks Giving – on Sunday November 2 at the Dakota Concentration Camp at Fort Snelling State Park to honor the Dakota Ancestors that were […]


WOKIKSUYE  WICOHAN A TIME OF REMEMBERENCE Join us on Sunday, November 2 at 1:00 p.m. at the Concentration Camp at Fort Snelling State Park as speakers share with us their family history regarding the concentration camp. Originally, the Sesquicentennial Commission had planned to hold an event on November 11th entitled “Dakota Indian Internment Camp at […]

"Manipi Hena Owasin Wicunkiksuyapi" We Remember All Those Who Walked

“Manipi Hena Owasin Wicunkiksuyapi” (“We Remember All Those Who Walked”) Dakota Commemorative March On November 7, 2008 we will begin a 150-mile journey in honor of the Dakota men, women, and children who were forcibly removed to concentration camps at Mankato and Fort Snelling in November 1862.  

Gathering for Our Children & Returning Adoptees

Gathering for Our Children & Returning Adoptees Pow wow Saturday, November 1, 2008 Minneapolis American Indian Center 1530 East Franklin Avenue | Minneapolis , MN 55404 ( for directions) Emcee: Jerry Dearly Special Guest: Senator James Abourezk—Former South Dakota Senator who originally introduced ICWA to congress in 1977 Co-Host Drum: Healing Spirit Drum Group * […]

Donations for Mendota

Donations needed for MMDC. Oct 5th, 2008 Posted in Donations for Mendota | Edit | no comment » The Mendota people have participated in many events for over10 years. We could do more if we had a little help with donations. Could you please send a $5.00 donation, or what ever you can afford. The […]

Oceti Sakowin Reminder Sept 26, at 6:00.

Oceti Sakowin meeting are this weekend at the Mendota Office. Office is 651-452-4141. 1324 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Mendota MN 55150. Starts at 6:00 on Friday. Bring a dish if you can. At the meeting on Friday we will let you know about Sat, and Sun hours. Sharon


Mdewakanton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Mdewakantonwan (singular: Mdewakanton) are one of the sub-tribes of the Isanti (Santee) Dakota (Sioux). Their ancestral home is Mille Lacs Lake in central Minnesota, which in the Dakota language was called mde wakan (mystic/spiritual lake). The Mdewakanton are no longer a single unified Tribe but […]

Waziyatawin heads to the University of Victoria Canada.

Waziyatawin heads to the University of Victoria In the June 11 issue of the Toronto Globe and Mail: Part scholar, part activist: With the Dakota nation’s rich history in mind, Waziyatawin takes on prestigious research chair position at University of Victoria. (Photo is cropped from a screenshot of her appearance on TPT a couple weeks […]


COME AND GET YOUR LOVE.                            Sunday Oct 12, 2008                                 2:00 PM A Native American mystery movie.  Some scenes where filmed at the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Community office.  Rated R, no one under 17.  Showing is at the Parkway Theater 4814 Chicago Ave Mpls MN. Come early and get the best popcorn in town. Congratulations To […]

More Video’s at Cold Water with Chris and Jim.

Google News Alert for: coldwater springs minneapolis Interviews with Chris Mato Nunpa & Jim Anderson, Coldwater, S … Bay Area Indymedia – San Francisco,CA,USA by dave id The Dakota people reclaimed their sacred ancestral space at Coldwater Spring in South Minneapolis on September 2, 2008, and after a stand-off … See all stories on this […]

Mendota Dakota welcomes our Saami friends visiting from Northern Norway.

Please join us on Tuesday Sept. 9 at 6:30 pm at MMDC for a presentation of Saami culture. Our guests will give us a yoik (singing unique to their culture) performance, bring a traveling handicraft exhibition and talk about efforts made for Saami language revitalization, as well as share some of their own experiences. Learn […]

Dakota leave Coldwater Spring site after four days

Dakota leave Coldwater Spring site after four days 09/07/2008 Occupation of park site expected to end today 09/06/2008 LIBBY NELSON Members of a Dakota group say they hope their actions at the Coldwater Spring site in Minnehaha Park will bring changes.

Jim Anderson talking about Cold Water and the 1805 Treaty.

Had some trouble uploading video to youtube…so, in case you can’t view it there – the Day Three video is temporarily available at – just click on Coldwater ’08. I’ll fix youtube if it needs it tomorrow morning. Mona

Inipi at Cold Water at 5:00.

Chris Leith will have an Inipi tonight at 5:00 Indian time at Cold Water. Some of us will be going to Steve Blake wake. But hope to be there for the Inipi. Sharon

On September 2nd, Dakota People will reclaim Coldwater Spring!

CAMP COLDWATER, MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA—On Tuesday, September 2, members of the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires) of the Dakota Oyate (Dakota Nation) are reclaiming Coldwater Spring and the surrounding land.  As the Original People of Minisota Makoce (Land Where the Waters Reflect the Skies), Dakota people are claiming their inherent right to their sacred sites as […]