“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

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To get information out quickly, on very important topic.

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IMPORTANT BIA UPDATE! To all members: call the office make sure your file is in order

To all current members in good standing, please call the office make sure your file is in order and complete. If you want you file to go to the BIA.

We are working on how we are going to send in the narrative when it is done. We want you to understand what the process  and when this will happen. Hope to have a meeting maybe at the DuPuis House outside? We will keep you informed.

Your tribal council

Sharon, John,Jason and Greg.

CUI Notice Federal Register Publication – human remains from Iowa

Good afternoon,

After conversation with George Garvin last week, I’d like to start making plans for reburial of the 138 individuals and 32 associated funerary objects in the attached Notice. As you know, the Ho-Chunk Nation has taken the lead in submitting a claim; I also received letters in support of this from the Otoe-Missouria, the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, and the Three Affiliated Tribes.  I’ve been given the go ahead by George to start making arrangements, but do want to be as inclusive as possible. Given their distribution and keeping with reburying as close as possible to original burial locations, it seems that we could conduct reburials at each of our four state-owned cemeteries. So at this time I’d like to arrange a meeting to begin planning

As a starting point, I propose that we meet on November 12, after the OSA’s Advisory Committee meeting, at 1pm, as there will be several of our Indian Advisory Council members here at the OSA, and we can also set up a conference call for others to call in. Please let me know if you’d like to participate, but the date and/or time don’t work for you.

Lara K. Noldner, PhD
Bioarchaeology Director
Office of the State Archaeologist
University of Iowa
700 S Clinton St.
Iowa City, IA

CUI Iowa 2019-04911.pdf

CUI Iowa 2019 notice map

CUI Iowa 2019 notice map

Funeral for Jim Anderson \ Red Sky: Wednesday Sept 11th at 11:00am

Funeral for Jim Anderson \ Red Sky

Jim passed into the spirit world on June 27, 2019.
We had a celebration of life gathering for Jim in August but the traditional Dakota Ceremony will be:
Wednesday Sept 11th at 11:00 am
St Peter’s Church 1405 Sibley Memorial Hwy Mendota, MN 55120.

The meal is pot luck as this is the traditional Native way.
Any volunteer help from friends is very appreciated.

Our family’s (MMDC) Wacipi / Pow Wow is Sept 13 -15, 2019 at St Peters Church two days after his funeral.
Red Sky loved our Wacipi & he will be with us dancing ~ we hope you can be with us too 

Can you please can help at Red Sky Funeral Sept 11, 2019, at St Peters Church in Mendota?

Can you please can help at Red Sky Funeral Sept 11, 2019, at St Peters Church in Mendota?

Please bring a dish to share if your last name starts with = A-F salad, G-L
hot dish, M-R vegetables, S-Z deserts. Please let us know what you can
bring. Please contact???? I cannot do this just too busy. I will have an
email and contact person for what food you want to bring and help in
the kitchen soon. The family appreciate all your help, as we all loved
him. Love Sharon 952-687-7058

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