Photos & Videos from Mona Smith, NATIVE HAPPENINGS

Mona, Thank you for sharing these with us! photos – Select album by date.  They’re not super quick to load.  I recommend selecting Slideshow for viewing. Video is on my site at Click on May 10, 2008.  Might take awhile to load.  It’s raw footage strung together in a short piece showing the […]

Update from From Chris Mato Nunpa -Hau Mitakuyapi!

Subject: [oceti_sakowin] VISIT/Ihantunwan Dakota/Resistance/Hog Farm Hau Mitakuyapi, “Hello my relatives” Owasin cantewasteya nape ciyuzapi do!  “With a good heart, I greet all of you with a handshake.” I just returned from a visit to the Ihanktunwan Dakota Reservation, May 01-03, 2008.  The purpose of the visit was to stand in support and solidarity with the […]

Videos of Wakan River/ancestral homeland

Video’s of the Dakota’s Wakan/”Rum” River Watershed traditional/ancestral homeland (1.) The mouth of the Wakan/”Rum” River. This sacred Dakota river flows out of Wakan/”Mille Lacs” Lake. The Dakota call this river by the sacred name for their lake [Wakan], which translated means Spirit or Great Spirit. The Dakota had a village located at this sacred […]

KFAI Radio Talk Show With Chris Spotted Eagle.

Indian Uprising is a one hour public and cultural affairs program concerned with sober and meaningful issues by, for and about Indigenous people. (Indian Uprising on Sunday 7-8pm) Program producer, Chris Spotted Eagle, is a long-time resident and activist in Minneapolis. He was a TV producer at Twin Cities Public Television. Spotted Eagle said, “regular […]

Yankton Sioux Arrested For Protesting Hog Farm.

Update  Please go to and hear what is going on there. has been broadcasting from Fort Randall since May 1. They have archived their interviews on this website.  The program numbers begin at 324 through 329.  My suggestion is that you begin with #326, and after 329 go back to 325.  #325 is […]

Omaha Family loses everything in FIRE, please help!

This Omaha Family Lost Everything they Own in A House Fire Today at 3:00pm 4-14-08 DONATION INFO AT BOTTOM They are in need of any kind of help, they will need to start all over they can use: Clothes, Cookware, Bedding, Jackets, Towels, Furniture, Financial Contributions are Greatly Appreciated if you find in your heart […]

Pidamaya-ye. Loan paid back

I just wanted to say thank you to the members of MMDC for paying me back the $9,000 I loaned the community in 2005. Pidamaya Sharon Lennartson. 3/08

Jim Anderson (Red Sky) Protecting The Past; (GENECIDE POEM)

Wonderful video of Jim Anderson discussing the desecration of sacred Native Sites including burial mounds. ending with a lone sad flute playing while he reads his poem entitled “Genocide” YouTube – Protecting the Past COMMENTS: NICOLEJETTE Strong & loyal words. Beautiful heart. Beautiful people. Thank you for posting this so we all may be enlightened […]

Origins of the Smoke Signal

Origins of the Smoke SignalBy Grandmother Selma A gentle……almost magical…..puff of smoke rises up toward the clouds and heavens, floating, suspended in space, lifting then gradually disappearing, being consumed by the earth surrounding it and the breath of the wind that carries it. An ancient skill of communication and survival, one that is simplistic in […]

QUESTION: Who is this Indian?

click photo Who is this Native American Man wearing the 1871 Grant Peace Medal? There are actualy three photos with three different Indians who are wearing the same headdress and are identified as Lakota.All of the photos that were apparently taken in the same studio One of the photos can be positivley identified as “Red […]

Letter from Leonard Peltier, 25th Year Reunion of Incident At Oglala

Letter from Leonard Peltier 25th Year Reunion of Incident At Oglala June 26, 2000 Greetings Friends and Supporters, Twenty Five years has passed since the fatal shoot-out on the Jumping Bull Ranch occurred, and for twenty-five years I have been forced away from my people and my home, which I consider Oglala to be.  I […]

Harriet Nahanee dies. . .NYM press release March 2007

NYM press release March 2007 unceded Coast Salish Territory nymchapter604(at) March 30, 2007 Harriet Nahanee, a 73 year old Pacheedaht Grandmother, Elder, and Warrior passed away on February 24, 2007, in the manner that she lived her life. Standing strong defending Our Land and Our People. She died from pneumonia and undiagnosed lung cancer after […]

Incident At Oglala – Video and Documentary

Incident At Oglala – Video and Documentary Watch “Incident at Oglala,” a documentary produced and narrated by Robert Redford. (Run Time: 90 Minutes) IMDB = Double click or Right click video to enlarge