Please read about Floyd Buck Jourdain

A Warrior for Change. Boozhoo Red Lake Nation. Monday and Wednesday we will vote for change. What kind of change do we want? This is who I fight for. The children and families who cant fight for themselves. I choose to resist a drug culture that has consumed our people and our tribe.. As we […]

Raffle and Auction gifts for the powwow please call about donations.

Our powwow / wacipi is a lot of work! We are looking for some raffle and auctions donations. Last year we did not have much, hope to have a better raffle & auction gifts this year. Your name will be posted as a donor by the raffle booth. Donations for the powwow expenses will be […]

Mendota needs help setting up the powwow, before it starts on Sept 9th.

Hello everyone we always need help to setup and take down. Additional help is always needed besides the actual starting of the powwow on Sept 9th. All these are at St Peter’s Church grounds. Pods will be at the Wacipi ground between 10 -11am on Sept 6. Tuesday Sept 6 start at 11:00am to sign […]

Lilly Felix at Carlisle Indian School a long with other students.

Sharon I just came across the document at Carlisle Indian School. Lillian is in these articles. This is So Cool, I hope all my cousins see this. Lilly came home to Mendota from Carlisle to visit her family, she met Albert LeClaire and never went back to Carlisle’s. They married and had 5 children. More […]

Upcoming Dedication for Dakota Civil War Solder.

Upcoming Dedication for Dakota Civil War Solder. HerculesPDFcorrect (2) I am a honorary member of the Mendota Community and also have a small charity that does dedications for Native Vets of the Civil War.  Hercules LaChapelle was a Mdewakanton veteran we are honoring on July 30th.  I have attached a flyer if you care to […]

Mendota will be having a class to build and put up a tipi.

Mendota will be having a class on how to put up a tipi. Bill White a retired Eagan police officer got our tipi poles for us when he was up north. That was so very kind and considerate of him. The poles need to be treated soon. Now is a good time to learn how […]

Vendors, get your space ASAP for the Pow Wow, Deadline is August 28.

7-12-2022. Dear vendors, please get your vendors space asap for the Mendota Pow Wow, we are filling up. Deadline is August 28. We had to turn people away last year. I don’t want to do that again. We only have limited space. Go to  to find the vendors application to secure you space along […]

Raspberry Full Moon Walk at Coldwater Springs – Wednesday, July 13, 2022

  Raspberry Full Moon Walk at Sacred Coldwater Springs Wednesday, July 13, 2022, another Super Moon Gather at the park entrance, 7pm Park on the Hwy 55 access road   Raspberries line the pathway to the Spring House. Monarch and swallowtail butterflies flicker among prairie wildflowers planted by the National Park Service (NPS) after it […]

Mendota’s Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT Mission of the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community: “To preserve, protect, and promote the Dakota culture for future generations.” MMDTC membership participated in a comprehensive strategic planning session that resulted in the development of seven (7) long-range goals striving to: Acquire a land base so we can build a community center. Obtain federal recognition. […]

Panels from our website. Thank you Brad for putting the panels on to a slideshow.

“Who We Are : Then and Now” A historical display which hasbeen created by the MMDTC Community. Mdo-Te or Mendota is a Dakota word meaning “Meeting of the waters.” Mendota is located near Minneapolis and St. Paul at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers.We are the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community History shows […]

Why We Dance!

We dance to pray We pray is to heal We heal is to give We give is to live We live to dance as it is in our blood Be kind to everyone who comes across your path. Help people in need and especially help an elder. Elders are the backbone of our people.  Honor […]

Flag carriers and Eagle Staff carriers.

At our Wacipi / Pow Wow Sept 9-10-11-2022. At St Peters Church in Mendota MN.   June 20, 2022   Good day my brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles.   My name is John Varone and years ago I was given the name from a Cherokee Elder of “Strong Voice”. I have been given the […]