Native American Boarding-Schools The Horror!


The Bluedog band and Red Ponie Band

Augsburg’s Indigenous Student Association (AISA) is hosting The Bluedog band and Red Ponie Band THIS Friday, November 14 at Augsburg College (2211 Riverside Ave, Mpls) in the Sateren Auditorium in the Music Hall.  Opening set will be by the Red Ponie Band at 6:30 PM and Bluedog Band around 7:30.    See attached poster.  Refreshments […]

Mendota Display St Peter’s Church.

Many thanks to June LeClaire for putting the display together at St Peter’s Church. Thank You Paul Lauer, for helping too. There is still some room if there is something you would like to add, call the office and I will give you June LeClaire’s phone number. Lori Lynch also donated a gourd for the […]

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Winona LaDuke

Comedy: Winona LaDuke on The Colbert Report Winona LaDuke appeared on The Colbert Report yesterday. “Stephen asks former Green Party vice presidential candidate and Native American activist Winona LaDuke what it’s like to be an oppressed elitist.” Posted in Media | No Comments

Wombs and Land

Patzin:  Wombs and Land By Patrisia Gonzales Column of the Americas (c) July 16, 2008; Patzin, “respect-worthy medicine” in Nahuatl,  is a monthly feature on Indigenous medicineMiriam Aviles-Reyes was pulled over by Tucson police while driving brown, pregnant and without papers in December 2007.  In this era where the border has been extended into city […]

Indigenous grandmas nearly kicked out of Vatican

Indigenous grandmas nearly kicked out of Vatican by: Rob Capriccioso © Indian Country Today July 18, 2008. All Rights Reserved ROME – They went to pray. They went to see Pope Benedict XVI on his home turf. They went to ask that he rescind historic church doctrine that played a role in the genocidal onslaught […]

Request from Arvol LookingHorse Honoring Sacred Sites.

> Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 03:56:21 -0500 > Subject: Honoring Sacred Sites > From: > To: > > At this time I would like to remind the People of significant days of prayer > in Honor of Sacred Sites; June 20th ­ National Native American Sacred Sites > Day and June 21st […]

Big Mountain, Black Mesa Elder Faces Threat of Her Ceremonial Lodge.

From: “Black Mesa Indigenous Support” < > Please Forward Widely to Everyone You Know! URGENT! PLEASE ACT NOW!  Big Mountain, Black Mesa Elder Faces Threat of her Ceremonial Lodge/Home being dismantled while Peabody Coal Company is pushing their massive coal-mining expansion plans on the sacred ancestral homelands of the Dine’ (Navajo) & Hopi peoples of […]

The Longest Walk, Walkers Need Money. Please help if you can.

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 7:16 AM, brenda norrell <> wrote: Sunday Hi friends, Really upset to get back here and find the northern route walkers with no gas money, and no money for food. There’s no gas money for the runners to get out, or buy their lunch, or the media bus to […]

Four Sheets to the Wind. -Walker Art Center

Thursday, July 10, 7:30 pm, Free, Walker Art Center, Mpls Four Sheets to the Wind Introduced by director by Sterlin Harjo A coming-of-age drama set within the rhythms and landscapes of Oklahoma, Four Sheets to the Wind depicts a young man’s search for identity on the reservation and beyond. Featuring a performance of quiet intensity […]

The Longest Walk ( Distruption )

To the Editor: Columbus, OH has once again distinguished itself. After walking more than 2,400 miles from San Francisco since February, a group of men, women and children experienced their first police problem on their journey in Columbus. The Longest Walk is a group of about forty mostly Native American people who are walking to […]

Waziyatawin Radio Interview With a Station In Ontario.

Han Mitakuyapi. I gave a radio interview with a radio station in Ontario with a program called Healing the Earth on the topic of the Sesquicentennial and the recent protests.  You can listen or download the interview through this link: They do a great job of covering Indigenous topics and allow for far more […]

Waziyatawin On Public Television’s Almanac

Han Mitakuyapi! I just wanted to let you all know that I was asked to be on Public Television’s Almanac this Friday evening.  Apparently this month they are bringing an historian on each week to talk about the Sesquicentennial.  It’s a live show from 7-8 pm.  I will be glad to have this forum to share […]

From Chris Mato Nunpa, Dr. Angela Wilson Arrested (again)

ALL, Tonight, around 8:15 PM, one of our attorneys (in the 1805 Treaty litigation), Barb Nimis, called and said that my younger daughter, Waziyata Win (Dr. Angela Cavender Wilson) had been arrested, again.  Waziyata Win told the officers that she is a Dakota person, that Minnesota is Dakota land, and that she was only telling […]

Support From Italy on MN Celebration Protests

Support from Italy for Native Protest against Minnesota celebration Hi, my name is Alessandro Profeti, I live in Italy, I published, in my italian Blog,  an article on your legitimate protest by inserting the Youtube video “May 10, 2008 – ‘Wagon Train” at Fort Snelling”. We support your actions, we believe that it […]