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  1. Sent out an email for members to help with research, who will help?
  2. We need research done, can you volunteer your time at home? Find information at (Newspapers on MN Frontier 1849-1860) we will pay for the documents, so there is no cost for you. Just send us the information. Another site is (Newspaper.com) also needs to be looked at for community family / members, ancestry.com, MNHS, MNDS, MN Genealogical Society, Church’s, Libraries, anywhere you can find information to help with FR.
  3. Also look up any families anything that pertains to Mendota.
  4. Mdewakanton.org
  5. Dakota kinship on face book.
  6. Santee Sioux Genealogy on face book.
  7. Old Scouts records.
  8. Anything any subject about Mendota.
  9. Check out this website too. https://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/mdewakanton-sioux-tribe.htm
  10.  http://oyate1.proboards.com/
  11.  Old Church records.
  12.  French fur traders.
  13.  Old newspapers, we have a booklet with old newspapers in if you want a page from that let us know.
  14. Look in basement and attic for any old documents.
  15. We need old birth certificates & death certificates from 1800.
  16. Old pictures, sign in books from wedding, funerals, etc.
  17.  Grand Forks Herald newspapers.

Reminder of this Sunday February 24, Membership Meeting from 12:00 – 3:00 Potluck.

Reminder of this Sunday February 24, Membership Meeting from 12:00 – 3:00 Potluck. If we get all that snow on Saturday, Sundays meeting will be cancelled again. Watch for emails or look on our website www.mendotadakota.com

Your tribal council Sharon, John, Marlene, Perry, and Lon
Love Sharon

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