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Summer Solstice Picnic with World Peace and Prayer Day Ceremony On June 21, Spring Lake Park Reserve, Hastings, Minnesota

Summer Solstice Picnic with World Peace and Prayer Day Ceremony
On June 21, Spring Lake Park Reserve, Hastings, Minnesota

The Living Earth thru climate change, mass extinctions, loss of pollinators is speaking to us. Powerlessness is not an option. Chief Arvol Looking Horse is asking the Global Community for sincere “prayers for the People that are spiritually disconnected who are making decisions that only last in their lifetime of survival for profit off Mother Earth.” All faiths and beliefs are welcomed.

The event runs from noon to 4p on the summer solstice June 21, 2015. At 2p we will hold the World Peace and Prayer Day Ceremony. Speakers include author Judy Stern from and Liane Gale Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) Minnesota (MN). People are encourage to bring their own food and if they want food to share. We have rented a beautiful indoor building so event is rain or shine. Address: 8395 127th Street East, Hastings

Spring Lake Park Reserve is a remarkable place. There is an incredible bluff view of the Mississippi River with a very wide grassy area, many trails including a cultural trail. Some of the oldest evidence of ancient civilization in Minnesota have been found in Spring Lake Park Reserve. This year, about $2 million dollars of legacy funding is being used to put an asphalt non-motorized road thru the park. Whole, intact land offers that which we are only beginning to understand. It is imperative that we protect the fragments of intact lands in the metro area. Bringing attention to Spring Lake Park Reserve, may help protect Lebanon Hills Regional Park. Picnic with a Purpose is about much more than climate change, Lebanon Hills or Spring Lake Park Reserve – we can go beyond being in nature and together experience what it means to live with nature. Fully experiencing ecological reality is required for healing of the planet and people. For more information: Watch this Youtube video: Meetup: World Peace and Prayer Day Hastings Facebook: Food Freedom Radio

“Mother Earth is the source of life, not a resource.” – Chief Arvol Looking Horse. This will be open up space for what emerges. No alcohol or drugs.
Laura Hedlund
Cell 651 755 5253



As Truth and Reconciliation Commission ends, hard facts about residential schools remain chilling The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC)

As Truth and Reconciliation Commission ends, hard facts about residential schools remain chilling The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) will hold its closing events in Ottawa between May 31 and June 3, 2015. The TRC was established in 2008 as a part of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement in order to inform Canadians about the history and legacy of such schools. For more than 130 years, the institutions were operated by the government and by Canadian churches on the government’s behalf. A second portion of the TRC mandate is to inspire a process leading toward reconciliation within Aboriginal families, and between Aboriginal peoples and non-Aboriginal communities, churches, governments — and Canadians in general. Here are some facts about residential schools that shouldn’t be forgotten: • In 1879, politician Nicholas Flood Davin visited the U.S. to observe residential schools and recommended them for Canada. • In 1883, Canadian government minister Hector Langevin said, “In order to educate the [Indian] children properly we must separate them from their families.” • Also in 1883, the Canadian government began to provide funding to church-run residential schools. • 132 residential schools in total were created. • Residential schools did not exist in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. • An estimated 60 per cent of church-run residential schools were operated by Roman Catholics; 25 per cent by Anglicans and 15 per cent by the United Church of Canada. Several others were operated by Presbyterians and other churches. • 150,000 children were removed from their families and communities and placed in residential schools. • More than 4,100 children died of disease or by accident while attending a residential school. • In 1920, the deputy minister of Indian Affairs predicted that within a century, Aboriginal people would cease to exist as an identifiable cultural group. • Also in 1920, the Indian Act was revised and attendance at residential schools was made compulsory for all children up to age 15. • In 1960, status Indians were first allowed to vote in federal elections. • In 1996, the last residential school was closed. • An estimated 80,000 residential school survivors were accounted for in 2012. • In 2006, Canada approved a settlement that led to a Common Experience Payment (CEP), which was made available to former residential school students. • $10,000 was given to eligible former residential school students for their first year of attendance, plus $3,000 for each additional year. • 105,457 of CEP applications have been received since 2007. • 79,272 of CEP applications were paid as of Sept. 30, 2014. • 23,892 applications have been deemed ineligible. • $1,621,295,106 of CEP payments have been distributed in total. • $20,452 is the average CEP payment. • In 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued an apology to former residential school students. • University of Manitoba is the home of the National Research Centre, which will house the statements, documents and all other materials the TRC has gathered. • Eight out of 10 respondents to a 2000 Angus Reid poll said that they were aware of the residential schools issue. • Five out of 10 sidential schools. This piece appeared as a blog post for the United Church Observer on May 21, 2015.

Inipi May 17, 2015 at the DuPuis House be there by 1:30 if you want to do prayers ties, Inipi at 3:00. Potluck! Rain or Shine we will have the Inipi!!

Inipi or sweat  May 17, 2015. Please come by 1:30 if you are going to be doing prayer ties. Please bring a dish to pass.


Please send us an email, let us know if you are coming

Pidamaya ye


Rain or Shine we will have the Inipi!!