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Dave will light the sacred fire today 5:05 St Peters Church 3-31-2020.

Dave will light the sacred fire today 5:05 at St Peters Church for 4 days starting on 3-31-20.020.

UPDATE, April 1st we need cut wood, if you can bring some to St Peters Church in Mendota call Dave at 612-743-3250.
March 31, Dave plans to light the fire at 5:05pm today at St Peters Church in Mendota.
Kindly remind people to keep social distancing if they come to the fire to pray or to bring offerings of tobacco or other offerings.
David suggests all community pipe carriers should load their pipes with tobacco and prayers, sage plug it for 4 days, bring it to the fire or keep it at your home. On Saturday at 5:05pm we will smoke our pipes at the same time.
Lon will send the Community Pipe to the altar at the fire with David.