“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”
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Honored to have Representatives from Dickinson / Carlisle Indian School website.


Three Representatives from Dickinson / Carlise Indian Industrial School website. Will be at our Wacipi what an honor.

So honored to have them come from Pennsylvania. Barbara Landis, Susan Rose, and Jim Gerencser.

Updates: Here are a few things I wanted to update for you all.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Wacipi. We are all family!!!! There is a lot of hard work for months, thank you Joe for helping so much. Thank you security and volunteers.

I have talked to Barbara from Carlisle for many years about Lilly Felix, my grandmother. Lilly is grandmother to many others all my cousins.

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women will also have a booth.

Kalpulli dancers will be around 5:30ish. Powerful & Amazing Dancers.

We have new vendors coming from all over the usa. How exciting.

Thank you to all our new and regular volunteers. Can wait to see all the vendors.

Professor Mike Kline from St Thomas University’s book about us will be published soon. We will also be honoring them at the Wacipi.

Can not wait to see everyone.

I will post more updates as then come. Love Sharon

Sharon’s New Wacipi List.

Wacipi Notes that Sharon has done for our 21st Wacipi Sept 7 – 13.


  • I ask Star Tribune to advertise our Wacipi. Done
  • Pioneer Press too. Done
  • We got a $5,000 donations, and a $350.00. Done
  • Joe got another grant for panels for pow wow for $2,5000, we have not received the check yet. Done
  • We will use square or something like that for Visa Cards. Done
  • Sharon must approve everything first at the Wacipi. Done
  • Tommy and Jason Hop only oversee the Wacipi Security. Done
  • Marie will oversee all volunteers. Done
  • Mountain Iron Buhl School Indian Education Community ED. Stary Gallus may bring kids down for Wacipi? They have to come while classes are in session, not over the summer. Done
  • Shawn film Radio.
  • Find Radio and T.V stations to advertise. Done
  • Covid precautions? Done
  • Anita Gate has some vegetables. Done
  • We need lots of vegetables. Who can get more vegetable? Done
  • Keep everything in boxes they came in for storage in pods. KEEP BOXES
  • Wi-fi for Carlisle Indian School 3 people coming from Pennsylvania we will provide everything for them, big canopy at least two and 2 maybe 3 table, generator, whatever they need.
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman will have a booth. Done
  • Two new 20×40 canopy no more water leaks for kitchen ONLY.
  • Ordered 8 more signs 12 x 18. Done
  • Get kitchen set up work areas security job and volunteers Wed Sept 7.
  • Clean all appliances asap volunteers and security get plugged in by Sept 7.
  • When we get different frig & freezer keep at office at office? Plug in by Aug 15th. Jason Hop will get the appliances. Unless someone else finds one.
  • Map of kitchen Joe. Done
  • Map vendors Joe. Done
  • Order 3 more flags Joe. Done
  • Crafts for kids, Greg has some drum kits for kids. Done
  • Better headsets.
  • Fanny packs for security?
  • May have a live eagle, Tommy and I are working on that. The eagle is expense $498.00 for one hour.
  • Moccasin tournament.
  • Some other dance specials.
  • Get teepees setup Sept 7, security, and volunteers.
  • Get garbage bags out all over, Security and Volunteers Sept 10. Get some garbage cans out by Sept 7th.
  • Put sinks all around toilets and kitchen area. Ordered two more.
  • We only need two toilets from Sept 7-9 then the others will be delivered on the 10th. Done
  • Ordered pods to be delivered on Sept 7th. Tommy and Jason have the contract numbers.
  • Wipe everything down all over for Wacipi. volunteers, constantly.
  • Make checks to MMDTC, 1351- Sibley Memorial Hwy- Mendota MN, 55150.
  • On the buttons this year will be Lisa Bellanger and Dave Carson our head dancers. Done
  • Big sign for people who donated to the Wacipi. Done
  • Hang pictures up on fence like at the Gathering last Sept.
  • We need at least 20 cases of pop diet & regular you can get donations for pop too.
  • Get camper from Steve or John?
  • Water by podium keep cold, make sure there is always water in cooler. Volunteers
  • Two lines for kitchen and condiments both sides. Tommy, Jason H, Volunteers.
  • Ordered 9 pans of meat. Sharon Done
  • Order xxx large garbage bags Sharon. Done
  • St Peters said we can use their garbage again. Done
  • Recycle guy may get us supplies from the city? Sharon
  • Call for Pow wow Insurance Sharon. Done
  • Helpers’ volunteers for feast Friday night & Sunday. Maria, Roxanne B, Lyn, Josine.
  • Need water at least 30 cases like always. Maybe 10 cases more?
  • Marie from Cherokee Park United Church has another church to help with feast on Sunday.
  • Call or email Marie for volunteers’ jobs, she could use help calling volunteers 651-239-5163 mmcnamara1954@gmail.com Maria please send me the volunteers list from last year
  • We have about 25 volunteers so far I will get you there information to Maria.
  • Maria and I went through the volunteer list update everyone, that took two hours.
  • Jyni Koschak jkoschak@voamn.org cell or work 612-704-6116
  • Called Jyni (Volunteers of American) she is on the calling list. Done
  • Maria you should talk to her to from the Volunteers of American great gal.
  • If you have volunteers in mind, they need to let Maria know starting Now August 1St.
  • Keep anyone not working out of kitchen. I will have signs. Done
  • Sign In will be separate from kitchen. Trying to have the kitchen more open. Outside behind kitchen by security, will be vendors and volunteers.
  • I will send kitchen map and vendors map soon. Almost Done
  • Make eating area bigger.
  • Kitchen will be bigger, less things in kitchen.
  • Volunteers for feast Friday night 4 people. Maria
  • Volunteer job for helping kids bead. Maria
  • Volunteers to put kids teepee up. Maria
  • Security Flags up.
  • Security make sure toilets have lights all 10. Especially the toilets in the back.
  • Volunteers to take down all signs and lights on toilets when Wacipi is over after 6 on Sept 12. Give to Sharon.
  • Volunteers make sure elders get water.
  • Permit Jason Delmont by August 15 no later.
  • Signs up Jason D and security.
  • Get signs up by August 15 around Mendota. The rest by Sept 7-9.
  • Have Wacipi meeting NOW.
  • Mary Armstrong said she has maybe 15 foreign students maybe more.
  • 1 new small refrigerator, 1 new freezer. The other ones are 20 years old, leak, smell. We will give then away or bring to the dump. Someone may like one for the garage give us a call if you want them. We will have 2 refrigerates and 2 freezers like always.
  • $2,000 from Riverboat Gaming.
  • $750.00 from Leach Lake.
  • $500.00 from Mille Lac Band of Ojibwe.
  • Michael Lamay sent our 144 donations from tribals in the U.S. Six have come back. I hope there will be more. Just to have a relationship with them.
  • We got a donation from one of the letters Mike send out. From the Yavapa Tribe, Prescott AZ for $1,000.00. Good job Mike.
  • Lecelia and Romelle Ogenina 218-308-1912 sister to cook frybread. They will help run the kitchen. They are coming from Leech Lake. We are paying for the rooms. They came to our gathering.
  • Connie will make 20 tubs of fry bread. Done
  • Mike will make 4 tubs. Done
  • Oneida Tribal Council turned us down for donation May 19, 2021.
  • Peter 651-905-4307 from St Peters Church is the contact person.
  • Jason got wood for fire. Done
  • Pow Wow Panels 34×81. We don’t need 18, probably 10.
  • We will honor St Thomas and Mike and Amy and students.
  • Crafts for kids we need beads. volunteers
  • Rate rooms from $109.00 to $64.00 rooms for helpers out of town. You must mention Mendotadakota to get the discount. Sharon Done
  • Email Woman foundations volunteers.
  • Email any native foundations for donations & volunteers.
  • Security people 6 only,
  • Kalpulli dancers between the around 5:30ish on Sat.
  • And of course, our regular wonderful vendors who come each year.
  • Thank you to all our volunteers.
  • Chrysalis women’s group. Sharon
  • Mike LeMay may bring Salmon for Wacipi.
  • Big posters for all our Wacipis we have had since 2000.
  • Native Radio up north kOJB Tommy. Done
  • Pioneer Press Sharon. Done
  • Channel 2 or any Channel. Volunteers can call to see if we can get some airtime.
  • Minnesota Explore Joe. Done
  • Call Molly, and other vendors Sharon. Done
  • Susu, Coldwater will have a booth. Done
  • Called Molly. No reply yet.
  • Ordered polo shirts. Done
  • Mikes book for Mendota will be at Wacipi?
  • Sharon will donate her own Jewerly with buttons while supplies last.
  • If anyone has any jewelry, they want to donate please call Sharon.
  • Volunteers for raffle booth we need 6 people.
  • Blue Loom vendor.
  • Hot dog vendor
  • Lemonade vendor
  • We have 15 vendors so far.
  • Make flyers. Done
  • Make bigger signs. Done
  • Called vendors. Sharon Done
  • Ordered 2 more tents. Done
  • 4 new vendors have called.
  • Called T.V and Radio Stations. Done
  • Hoping
  • Ask members to get donations or gift cards.
  • Ask for donations from any Churches anywhere. I have the request for donations and Wacipi flyer to give to them. Both are on or website. Mendotadakota.com
  • Volunteers to cut fish.
  • Volunteers (runners) to pick up ice from Arby’s and other supplies we may need.
  • Donation signs.
  • Volunteers for application for honorary and linear members.
  • Volunteers for sign in Maria.
  • Volunteers for guest sign in.
  • Are done and corrected. Done
  • ********************************************
  • Ordered new toilets, another place, prices went up too much. Ordered 8 reg, 2 handicaps. May order a third handy cab for changing into regalia.
  • Make sign for the toilet for changing into regalia. Not to be used for a toilet.
  • Cancelled Fun Jump.
  • Ordered 4 Canopies from Walmart since we cancelled Fun Jump.
  • Kitchen map is done.
  • Vendor’s map is done.
  • Maria and Sharon got the calling list updated took two hours.
  • T shirts have been ordered. Done
  • Thank you, cards. Done
  • Pods are coming Sept 7th around 11:00ish. Done
  • We will be using St Peters Garbage. Done
  • Signs in kitchen how to make Indian Taco.
  • Get water from St Peters, get 2 hoses if we can.
  • Set up Button booth first thing Sept 10th.
  • Orientation in kitchen. Maria or Lyni.
  • Maria will call Joy to get some details about the kitchen.
  • Must get hi speed Internet now.
  • Called St Peters about internet.
  • We have plenty of aprons. Done
  • Cancelled Wacipi meeting on July 25. Next one on Sunday night at 6 Aug 1st . Watch for zoom invite.
  • Get more gloves we will go through lots od groves and wipes.
  • I ordered lots of wipes.
  • Please check out our flyer as it has changed a few times.
  • Greg needs help in the podium with the sound system. He needs a break from time to time.
  • Greg also needs help with lights.
  • We need suggestion and your input on the Wacipi.

If you make a donation you will be added to our donation sign at the pow wow!

Big or small you will be added to our donations list. We appreciate your help. We will have a big sign at the Wacipi.

Please pay by check, money order.

You can pay by Pal Pay or any other ways, also they charge fees that come out of the money you would send.

We have a Pay Pal icon on our site if that’s what you prefer.

Please check out our website often. New articles on there daily. www.mendotadakota.com

We have been on Drum Hop and Powwows.com since March 21. Tried to update had a hard time? I will get it update soon.

If I don’t get it edited in a few days. I will put the information on our site. I have received many emails about the Wacipi. So I know people have seen us on Powwows.com and Drum Hop.

Pidamaya Tribal Council, and  Pow Wow Committee.

Need to rent or borrow Golf Cart for Wacipi Sept 7-13-2021. Can you help?

Need Golf Cart to rent or if you own one that we can use? We need the cart from Wacipi Sept 7-13-2021.

Everything is so much more money this year. The golf cart is almost $175.00 more then Sept 2019. We paid $320.00 in 2019 including delivery. Now it is S370 plus $125.00 delivery now $495.00. Donations are coming in slow?

See you at the Wacipi Sept 10-11-12-2021.

Love Sharon

Good luck to Tommy, Riley and everyone helping with Mendota fundraiser

Morning Tommy, Riley and those who are helping Tommy and Riley good luck on the fundraiser for Mendota, over Memorial Day weekend. Tommy, you and Riley do so much for the Mendota Community, we appreciates you both so much. If your not busy, check out the Rice’s County Powwow in White Earth. You will see Tommy and the team helping him.
Good Luck!
Love you all auntie Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman for Mendota.

Update about POW WOW, Online Zoom Classes, Donations, Keeping Our Culture Alive

Please help the Mendota Community get our classes back again. We are currently having a small class on zoom with Chris Mato Nunpa.

Please help the Mendota Community get our classes back again.

2020 was a bad year for everyone, and the Mendota community was hit very hard.

It is so very important to keep our traditions alive forever including our language and culture.

Please consider donating to help. $10, $50, $100, any amount will help so much and all of your donations are tax deductible. You can request that your donation goes specifically to language, cultures, regalia classes, pow wow or let us know if there is something important to you with your donation.

You can donate once, or monthly. Anyone making monthly donating will be honored at our pow wow. We are hoping to have our POW WOW on Sept 10-11-21.

We also have beading classes. Please let us know if you’re interested.

Help with operation would be greatly appreciated to keep our doors open.

With sure determination, passion, and love we have kept our door open barely for 26 years.

A community center would be nice for our people, we have a tiny office that we rent in Mendota MN.

Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community is a small native community struggling every day to keep our doors open. www.mendotadakota.com  651 452-4141. Please send checks to

1351 Sibley Memorial Hwy
Mendota, MN 55150.

Please help us to Preserving, Protecting, and Promoting the Dakota culture for future Generations.

Thank You! Pidamaya!

The Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community Tribal Council.

Mdewakanton POW WOW Mendota Dakota Children

Congratulations to all the winners from our pow wow raffle booth & auctions

To all our wonderful guests who came to our 20th Pow Wow. Thank you all so much for coming to our Pow Wow and supporting your local Native American Community. It was a honor to have you join us.

For those of you who won at the raffle booth or auction booth at the Pow Wow.

We will be at the office Sunday Sept 22, from 1-3 our address is 1351 Sibley Memorial Hwy in Mendota, down the hill from St Peters Church, left side of the street.

There is Lees Education, Greg’s Barber Shop,  just come in the front door we are on the right.

If you can not make that time, please call to setup at time that is convenient for you 651-452-4141.

Thank you from the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community and our Members.

Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman.


This year is our giveaway at the Pow Wow. Sept 13-15-2019. Sharon will be on buttons.

This year is our giveaway, at our Mendota Pow Wow on Sept 13-15-2019. The giveaway and feast is on Sunday Sept 15. If you have any donations please call the tribal office 651-452-4141 ask for Sharon.

Sharon will be on our buttons this year for our 20th year.

We REALLY need some volunteers for our POW WOW

We would appreciate any volunteers for Mendota’s 19th Wacipi or Pow Wow Sept 7-9-2018. We also need help with put up and take down.
Hello everyone, we really need help with setting up Sept 5, 6, 7 and Monday Sept 10th, 2018. At St Peters Church Grounds 1405 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Mendota MN 55150. Times are 10:00am to 8:00pm the 5th, 6th, people can volunteer as many hours as they want. On the 7th, is 11:00am to 3:00? On Sept 10th, 9:00am to when we are done filling up the pods could be around 4 hours, depending how many people we have to help?
We do provide lunch each day between 12:00 and 1:00 then dinner from 5:30 to 6:00 if people want to bring snacks or food is always welcome. Fruit is always welcome, we could use water and pop too.
We also need help with the feast on Friday Sept 7th from 4pm to 8pm. We lite the sacred fire at 5:05. Jim and Claudia Anderson will be here for ceremony. We also need help in our kitchen, Saturday starting at 8am, 3 hour shifts. And Sunday hours 8am every 3 hour shifts until around 5. Then we have the feast. Cherokee Park United Church brings the feast. Others can bring food to for the feast too. Need volunteers to help clean up after the feast.
For those hours you need to contact Maria at 651-239-5163 mmcnamara1954@gmail.com or Joy at 612-209-2382  sorensennavarre@gmail.com,  Jamie 651-777-6748   jamidel@comcast.net
Volunteers for setup before and after the POW WOW please email me Sharon at mendotadalota@gmail.com
We should have a schedule soon.
Thank you for helping us make this our best Wacipi – Pow Wow ever!!
Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman & the Mendota Tribal Council and its Members.

Mendota Dakota 2015 Wacipi Pow wow video

Mendota Pow Wow from Town Square Television on Vimeo.

This story will appear as a segment on the news-magazine show, INSIGHT 7, which will play back on Community Channel 14 until October 22nd. Below are the playback times. 

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday






























Your Town, Your Stories
Details at www.townsquare.tv.


Facebook: http://facebook.com/townsquare.tv

Twitter: http://twitter.com/TownSquareTV

Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/TownSquareTV

GiveMN: http://www.razoo.com/story/Town-Square-Television

Mendota Mdewakanton 16th Wacipi fund, please help!


Our tribe is planning its 16th Annual Powwow (Wacipi) and are very low on funds for this year.  We appreciate any help you can give us.

This powwow is an educational and exciting depiction of tribal culture and heritage.  Native American dancers, drummers, and authentic food (indian tacos, fry bread, wojapi jelly and then some) are just part of the festivities.  See authentic tipis and Native American clothing.  If you can’t contribute – come join us on September 11th and 13th  – Mendota, MN.

We appreciate and thank you for your contribution.

Thank you Gary Shull and Pam Fagan for putting us on.

Sharon and the Mendota Tribal Council.


Wacipi glass carver and commemorative mugs!

theglasscarver on facebook

Be sure to visit Peter The Glass Carver at our Wacipi.  He will be offering these amazing and memorable commemorative mugs for only $15 and he will be donating $5 from every sale to our Wacipi.

He has many different mugs to pick from(and he can do special requests)  each with a beautiful carving, including the Coyote, the Bear, Eagle Dragonfly and Buffalo.

Contact him for more info or special orders:

Star Tribune put us in their Briefs.


Help with Pow Wow

Donations and volunteers are needed for Mendota’s 11th annual Welcome Home Traditional Wacipi.

The Pow Wow is scheduled for Sept. 10-12 at St. Peter’s Church grounds in Mendota. Donations are needed for the raffle. Water and soft drinks are needed, as well as volunteers.

The traditional Pow Wow is open to the public. It will include dancing ceremonies as well as a unity feast. The event organizers recommend bringing lawn chairs. If you are able to help, call 651-452-4141.

2009 Mendota Wacipi, Wacipi means (Pow Wow ).

The Mendota people would like to say “Thank You” to St Peters Church, for letting us have a Wacipi every year at the church. A special thank you to all the drum groups, dancers, vendors, and to all the volunteer. To all the people who came to see our Wacipi.
WE had a great Wacipi again this year, see you next year. Would you like to have the Wacipi in Sept or August next year? Please send an email to us, we would like to know what you think.
The tribal council.