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Darlene Jackson White Eagle began her journey into the Spirit World Thursday April 15, 2011.

Where do I start with little Darlene. When I first saw this little woman, and how active she was. I thought I would like to get to know her and be like her, I came nowhere close to her dedication.

Darlene is a beautiful Ojibwe woman. Darlene was the first person I heard say Pida Migwetch, which means thank you in Dakota and Ojibwe. When I first heard Darlene say both Pida Migwetch, I was so happy to hear it in both languages, as I have both bloods running in my veins. Darlene was very active in many causes, like Coldwater, the 4 grandfather Oak trees, and especially AIM.

Today Sunday at 3:00 to 8:00 there will be a wake & celebration of her life at 31st St & Park Ave, at the old Office of Indian Ministries. I don’t know the name of the new church. On Monday there will be a wake up at Cass Lake where she is from. Tuesday will be the burial at Cass Lake.

So a Big Pida Migwetch to you on your journey. Say hi to Bob, Garrett, Chris, and Eugene and all the elders we have lost lately, and to all of our relations.

The Mendota Dakota Community and all of the people and members will miss you deeply.

Until we meet again dear little sister good bye for now.

Love Sharon,

I’m proud to be a Dakota and Ojibwe woman.

Garrett Wilson Memorial Sevice Dec 29, 2010.

Garrett began his spirit journey last night very peacefully.  He was a gentle warrior ( keeping watch over the people) and a community treasure.  Our prayers for comfort and peace surround Lynne and her family and Jim and Roxanne and their families and Garrett’s tribal relatives and his All Nations Family.

A Service of Celebration of Life and Thanksgiving will be held on Wednesday, December 29, at 4:00 PM at All Nations Indian Church, 1515 E 23rd St., Minneapolis, MN In lieu of flowers, the families prefer Memorials to All Nations Indian Church. Please bring a dish to share.
Food will be served following the memorial.

My husband, GARRETT died 12/23/2010 in his sleep.

Please let others know too,  Garrett died peacefully in his sleep on Thursday night.

I had returned from Texas and we had shopped, eaten pizza, and watched a movie together before bed, so our last few hours together we filled with love. Neither he nor I knew this was coming….I am fine, very strong, with lots of family support.

Viewing is at my home  all day SATURDAY  12/25  and cremation is Sunday morning.

Lynne Young

3622 vincent Avenue No

Mpls  MN   (North Side, about a mile north of North Memorial Hospital)

Please stay home and enjoy your family during this time of Love and Peace and Hope. But if you have a moment, I would love to see you.

Garrett is gone, but he is still her with me in body and in spirit, in our home.  They will pick us up Sunday and drive us together to his Cremation.