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The Doctrine of Discovery May 3rd at 7PM at the DuPuis House

The Doctrine of Discovery
Open to the public and free admission, everyone is invited
Documentary to be shown on May 3rd at 7PM at the DuPuis House on Mendota, MN 1357 Sibley Memorial Hwy.

There will also be a discussion about the Sacred Red Rock that the Methodist Church will give back to the Dakota People.
Questions after the Doctrine.

For any questions please call the office 651-452-4141.

Sponsored by the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community.

Think Dakota, Live Dakota.

Chris Mato Nunpa 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance VIDEO

Chris Mato Nunpa 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance from Bill Sorem on Vimeo.

Chris Mato Nunpa, Ph.D. retired Associate Professor of Indigenous Nations and Dakota Studies, Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, Minnesota. Mato Nunpa, a Dakota Elder, scholar and tireless advocate for indigenous rights, spoke on the 500 years of genocide of native peoples, killing many times more than the Nazi Holocaust by the government of the United States. In fact Hitler looked to the treatment of American indigenous people as a model for his “Solution to the Jewish problem.”

Mato Nunpa speaks from the heart and from many experiences with the resistance of indigenous people including the current events at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

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