“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”
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2016 Wacipi POW WOW flyer

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Important information & update from tribal leader Sharon Lennartson

Hau mitakuyapi. We understand that troubling information is circulating on Facebook concerning our tribal community. We wish to clarify.

We support the health and safety of vulnerable people, including women and children. We do not condone the abuse or keeping captive of another person. Our Tribal Chairwoman is respectful of all people and does not speak poorly of others.

We have spiritual leaders. Joseph Bester pours the water for the inipi. Emmett Eastman is the spiritual advisor for the wacipi.

Today our Tribal Council met. Actions have been taken.

We ask the Creator to help us to always walk in a good way with a good heart and do good things for all our relations.

Please contact the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Office if you have questions. Pidamaya.

Benefit to send First Nation Youth & Elders to the Vatican to discuss Doctrine of Discovery.

Benefit to send First Nation Youth & Elders to the Vatican to discuss the historical and intergenerational trauma
triggered by the Doctrine of Discovery.

Youth are members of the Indigenous Youth Ceremonial Mentoring Society,
a Guadalupe Alternative program in St. Paul, Minnesota coordinated by Mitch Walking Elk.

Special Guests
include Keith Secola and Joe Savage.

With Waubanewquay Dorene Day, Max Gail, Prudence Johnson, Tom LeBlanc, Larry Long, Mitch Walking Elk.

Support the cause.

$20 pre-paid at www.youthtothevatican.eventbrite.com or $25 at the door

Hosted by First Universalist Environmental & Racial Justice Teams and Veterans for Peace, Minneapolis Chapter 27.


1pm…….. Refreshments & Silent Auction
2-4pm…… Concert, Introduction of First Nation Youth

First Universalist Church
3400 Dupont Ave. South
Minneapolis, Mn. 55408
Questions? Call 612-825-1701

Click the image to enlarge or download the PDF here

Honoring Our Ancestors 2018

Honoring Our Ancestors

Please come and join us again this year to honor our ancestors.

When: Saturday February 3, 2018

Where: (Fort Snelling, below the Mendota Bridge). Map index: J-17. The park entrance is off Highway 5 at Post Road near the Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport. Go over the bridge and down the hill into the park. Please print the flyer, this will be your permit to get into the park. With the flyer, you don’t need to stop by the building, just drive through. If you don’t have a flyer people will have them to pass out down in the park.

10:00am – We are honored to have Lon, John, Joseph, Tommy, Lawrence, and others light the sacred fire.
11:00am – Ceremony,

Then a Feast at the DuPuis House

Please bring a dish to share to the DuPuis House in Mendota. Also known as the Sibley House Historic Site

1357 Sibley Memorial Hwy
Mendota, MN 55150

If you need more information, please call the Mendota Center 651-452-4141.  Ask for one of the tribal members.
Sponsored by the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community


This is our 20th year of honoring our ancestors.

We need coffee, creamer, sugar, doughnuts , wood, grandfathers if you can help call the tribal office 651-452-4141.

Download this as a PDF document.