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Personal Pidamayaye from Sharon. I’m sure council feels the same.

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Personal Pidamayaye from Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chair.

Han Mitakuyepi

About our 30th Anniversary.

I’m sure tribal council feels the same.

I cannot even begin to express my love and gratitude because of the outpouring of love, presence, and support Mendota and I received from all of you.  While I wanted to be present with all of you physically as I have, pneumonia my health made that impossible- but with the help of our community members, volunteers, Tribal Council, Saint Peter’s Church, and all the guests that came out in support of our community – I was there on video, and in spirit.


Sister Pat and her sister, and special guests brought a sense of honor and spiritual presence on this day of prayer. They complemented our Spiritual Guide, Joseph Bester, in creating an atmosphere of reverence for the Creator and our Ancestors to be present on this special occasion.


The sense of community and synchronicity with those who helped pull the event together, run it, and clean up brings tears to my eyes as I have abundant faith in the love you all have for Mendota, as I love Mendota, and it brings me such peace knowing this.


I want to thank all the community members who came to show respect and love for Mendota’s 30th Anniversary.  We do all of this for the community.  Without sharing our history, culture, traditions, and who we are as a people- we would not be able to grow, and our legacy, culture, and traditions could die without passing it on to others.  You help give life to who we are and the history of our people- our stories and our future.


Thank you for celebrating 30 years of being home in Mendota.  While we existed since pre-colonization in Mendota and surrounding areas, our return home to settle in on the same soil our ancestors and relatives farmed, built houses, fed vagrants, lived, and died on is deeply profound and should be celebrated.  This was 30 years of self-support from our pockets, grants, and donations.  30 years of pain and sorrow, establishing our rights within other agencies, and gaining access to places historically our own.  It is growth, a labor of love, and a home for those who seek community- a greater purpose for themselves, and a reunion of related because we are all related, we are family. It is a legacy that founding leaders in our community may not have been able to envision, yet that is fulfilled since they have become one with our ancestors and continue to watch over us. Being Dakota Every Day means we continue our responsibility for 7 generations. Teaching them all we know and leaving them with the love, respect, and community they deserve. Ensuring they never have to speak of a stolen culture, stolen traditions, or stolen land- ever again.


My gratitude goes beyond our anniversary and extends to the love that you all carry with you for the Mendota Community and her people.

I want to thank you who called me, texted me, or emailed. That the event was wonderful but not the same, something was off like my presence. Where was Sharon who is always there for any event. People said they are used to me being there giving and greeting people with hugs. And running around all over the place.

Nice to know people did miss me.

Now off to the Wacipi Sept 13-15-24. Once I’m feeling better it may take a few weeks.

Remember I’m a strong Dakota Elder. Who will fight for my people and our community.

As I have for almost 30 years.

Pidamayaye Wakiya Waste Win ( Good Thunder Women ) Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chair for MMDTC proud and honored to serve my people all these years.