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I sure hope we are back to normal by our Pow Wow Sept 11-13-20.

Our Traditional Wacipi / Pow Wow grant has been submitted.
I sure hope we are back to normal by Sept 11-13-20.
Mendota will also be celebrating 25 years as a community as soon as can around June or July.
Our fundraiser may be the sometime as our 25 year celebration.
If your bored like me, please check out our little Pow Wows on u tube, my favorite is 2007.
They are on our website too www.mendotadakota.com
I was watching the Pine Ridge Pow Wow and others, it took my breath away to see so many dancers how many there were and how beautiful. There are hundreds of dancers, someday I would like to see Mendota that big.
For now, we are a small Traditional Wacipi / Pow Wow.
Missing so many who have gone in the spirit world, always good to see them dancing, we will always remember them. They are always dancing with us any time we dance.
More information on the Mendota Pow Wow as the months go by.
Stay safe and healthy!!!!
Love Sharon