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2016 Wacipi POW WOW flyer

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Important Forms for Federal Recognition.

Hello all members, we are working very hard on Federal Recognition. Here are some new forms for you to fill out. You now have another 30 days from today August 10-2016.Thank you for members who sent in your information. Members need to contact the tribal office to get their files up to date, we don’t have the staff to call everyone. If your paperwork is not complete your name will not go to the OFA when we send it in again. Because if one thing is missing from one member file the whole Mendota file will be set aside for who knows how long. When we get closer we will have 5 members go over all the files to make sure everyone has what the OFA needs.

We need a Certified Birth Certificate. Not a copy of a birth certificate, that has been notarized. We don’t need your original birth certificate.

We will be adding to the website about F.R. as we get more information and you will be getting emails too.

The Federal Recognition Committee

Individual-History-Chart (BIA-form-8304) idc1-031370

Ancestral-Chart (BIA-form-8305) -idc1-031368

These and other important forms and documents are also available in the DOWNLOADS section.