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Windy Downwind passed into the spirit world 11/28/17.

Windy Downwind pass into the spirit world 11/28/17. Check out face book for more information. When I get it I will put it on our website.

I will see Windy forever at our Mendota powwows he will always be there with us, always smiling and visiting with everyone. When he saw me at the pow wow he would come up to me and give me big hug, we both would say I love you. I will miss those big hugs. NO one can take his place, except his son. He came to the pow wow when he was not feeling good. He was our arena director for more then 18 years. Love you brother. You touch the hearts of so many people. Rest in peace my friend. Until the creator comes and get me to go home. See you then I know you will greet me with a big hug & smile. Yesterday I was in a daze all day. To all of Windy’s family I’m sorry for your loss of this great warrior man. Love Sharon