“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”

(It really helps our tribe)

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What is a Mendota Members Responsibility’s 2020.


What is a Mendota Members Responsibility’s 2020.

Who wants to learn the language, culture, go to sweats, support Sundance, etc.

Who cares that the Mendota Community is successful and will be forever!

Who contribution or their dues to help maintain our office in Mendota.

Who can donate their time at the office from time to time.

Who comes to our voting membership meeting once a month, or at least 4 times a year, with the exceptions of members out of town.

Who helps at different events like holiday party and toy drive, honoring our ancestors, etc.

Who helps at our Wacipi- Pow Wow for one or two days.

These are small responsibility as a member, the tribal council is not asking too much.

Remember the BIA will be looking at the sign in sheets.

That is what a Mendota Members is, spending time with other members, respecting each other being a community.




Your Tribal Council, Sharon Lennartson, John LeClaire and Greg Strandmark, Jason Delmont, Joseph Lennartson.