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We still need more help with the Wacipi Sept 10-12-2021.

The Wacipi is only around 6 weeks away that will fry by. Started working on Wacipi in March.

Estimate expense for our 21 Wacipi Sept 10-12-2021. Set up Sept 7 -10th.

We have $18,000 for the Wacipi. We still need around $8,000 to pay everything.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all who have donated so far.


Spiritual Adviser.

Paid clean up small jobs.

Adults Dancers woman and men.


Tiny Tots.

Host Drum, Co Host, other drums could be up to $3,500.


Arena Director.

Dancers Registration.

Button Booth.

Honor Guards.

Fry bread fryers two sisters.

Aztec Dancers.

All Supplies.

T Shirts.

History panels $1,400.00, must be turned in by Aug 15.

Food for food booth about $1,200.

Food to feed helpers.

Hotel rooms $1,000.

Pods 160.00.

Toilets $1,000 2 handicaps, 8 reg maybe 9 reg?

Garbage $700.00



Tobacco donation.

Sage donation.

Dancers get $75.00 each if they dance all 3 grand entries. We don’t know how many we will have/

Teens $60.00 if they dance all 3 grand entries

Tiny Tots $30.00 if they dance all 3 grand entries

If no price it is because some people don’t want how much their making.

Can you help, you can pick one to pay if you want. If you can donate please email Sharon mendotadakota.com as to which one you can help with.

Any donation small or large will help.

This is Sharon’s last Wacipi. Someone else needs to take over. I have done Wacipi for over 16 years. Turning 75 on August 28. Time to retire.

Pidamaya ye.

Mitakuye Owasin in Dakota.

We Are All Related.

Good Thunder Woman English, ( Wakiya Waste Win ) in Dakota ). A proud Dakota Elder.

Love Sharon