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is a Tribal 501C3 Org

Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter


We are not a Competition Wacipi, we are a Traditional Wacipi, as most of you know.

Just to clarify some questions.

Come dance, eat and have fun, with the Mendota Community over the weekend.

The Mendota Members would like to invite you to Mendota’s 21th Annual Traditional Wacipi – Pow Wow Sept 10- 11-12-2021.


We are not a competition Wacipi; we are a traditional Wacipi, we dance to dance. There is a small payout. Adult’s $25.00, Juniors ages 17 – 9, $20.00, tiny toys 8 – 1, $10.00. This is for each grand entry. Mendota’s way of saying Pidamaya for coming to our Wacipi / Pow Wow from near and far.

St Peter’s Church grounds 1405 Sibley Memorial Hwy Mendota, MN 55120. St Peters Church is the oldest church in MN it was built in 1840.

St Peter’s has graciously let us use the church grounds for 21 years.

Open to the public bring the kids!

No pets allowed for liability reasons. Service Dogs Allowed.

Come get the best fry bread and maple butter and best Indian Tacos ever!

We have some of the best food and craft vendors around.

Come watch all the dancers, especially the tiny tots.

Come see the Kalpulli Huitzillin dancers on Saturday night at 5:00ish.

Let us all dance together!

Friday night opening ceremonies at 5:05 we light the scared fire. People bring a dish to pass for the feast.

We honor all our veterans each year. We have handicap and elder assistance.

MC: Gary Charwood.

Arena Director: Allen Hardy.

Host Drum: Scotty Brown Eyes – Oyate Teca.

Co Host: Drum Midnight Express.

Men’s Head Dancer: David Carson.

Women’s Head Dancer: Lisa Bellanger.

Spiritual Adviser: Chris Mato Nunpa

Mendota Princess: Ameyalli Anderson.

Grand Entry on Sept 11, at 1:00 and 7:00 pm.

Grand entry on Sept 12, at 1:00 pm.

Feast on Sunday around 6:00ish pm.

All buttons are a $5.00 donation, helps pay for the Wacipi. Free admission NO ONE turned away!

No alcohol or drugs.

Bring lawn chairs, seating is limited.

Volunteers are needed, please call Maria McNamara at, cell 651-239-5163.

Donations are welcome please send a check to MMDTC.

Tribal Office is 1351 Sibley Memorial Hwy PO Box 50835 Mendota MN, 55150.


Sponsored By: The Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community.

Pidamaya – means Thank You in Dakota.

Tribal Chairwoman Sharon Lennartson.

Jason Delmont Vice Chairman / Secretary.

Joseph Lennartson: Treasurer

Gregory Standmark: Historian

Tommy Tomahawk and Jason Hop: Head Security!

Everything must go through Sharon.

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