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The MMDTC is a Tribal 501C3 Org

(It really helps our tribe)


is a Tribal 501C3 Org

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Wacipi Donation letter, can you help?

Sandra Krebsbach Mayor / City of Mendota Heights 08-20-2013

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (ID #41563) whose mission is: To preserve, protect, and

promote the Dakota culture for future generations. Consistent with our mission, each year we hold

several programs and activities that focus on the preservation of the Dakota culture. Our largest (and

most costly) event is our annual Traditional Wacipi. Last year our attendance reached an all-time high

at an estimated 3,100 people ― that’s a large increase over the previous year. We expect this to increase

further, and participation to continue growing.


A Wacipi or (Pow-Wow) is a social gathering that focuses on traditional dance, song, and celebration.

More than a tribute to a great ancestry, the Wacipi is an event of significance to the Native American


Our 14th Annual Traditional Wacipi or Pow-Wow is September 13 – 15 – 2013, in Mendota, Minnesota.

Our event is open to the public. Experiencing a Wacipi or Pow-Wow can be a valuable and fascinating

cultural experience. We’ve enclosed a flyer that you can copy and share with your families, coworkers,

church, or any associates. Please post wherever you can.

Our cost for the Wacipi is around $14,000.

This is also a way to support your local Native American Community.

As a small tribal community, we operate on volunteer labor and donations. (We are not affiliated with

the other Minnesota Mdewakanton Dakota communities.) Our volunteers donate hundreds of hours of

their time each year to hold a successful Wacipi. We cover the majority of our expenses by requesting a

$5 entry button donation. However, we will not turn away anyone who cannot pay. Along with relying

on individual and corporate donors, we pay for our event with in-kind donations, charging vendors for

craft booth space, and food booth sales.

$ 10
Other $__________

This year the Mendota Community really needs your help for the Wacipi. Along with cash donations

needed to fund this event, we also accept donations for our raffle table. If you make a donation, we put

you in our brochure. Please call our office at 651-452-4141 with any questions. We hope that you will

consider this request for the important work we do in preserving and sharing our Dakota heritage.

This year we are honoring Bob Brown, founder of our community. Who passed away 10 years ago this Aug.

The Wacipi or Pow Wow Committee & Sharon Lennartson

Download official letter with letterhead/logo HERE

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