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Wacipi 2002 with Elli and Bear.

In the picture is Elli King and Bear putting up a teepee in 2002 Wacipi.

In 1998 Mike Scott, Jim Anderson, Bob Brown and others, said let’s have a Wacipi here at the camp.

We had two small Wacipi at highway 55 in 1998 – 1999.

Since the other two Wacipi’s went so well at the Camp. It was decided to have one in Mendota in 2000. Our first Wacipi in Mendota was at St Peters Church.

Now we are going on our 21st Wacipi still at St Peters Church.

Mike Scott made Beverly and me regalia. We were so proud!

First time Beverly and I danced.

We were also scared; we would do something wrong. The moment we got in the circle our fears were done. We felt like we were home on Dakota Land dancing with our ancestors.

I have this in my book I am writing about how the first Wacipi at the highway 55 started in 1999, too long to put on here.

What a marvelous long journey this has been since we found our roots and home in 1994.

Hope to have my book done in a few months.

Anyone have any pictures from any of our first 5 Wacipi’s. Please SHARE with me for our 21st upcoming Wacipi on Sept 10-11-12-2021.

Pidamaya ye to all the people who came to camp and there were hundreds. Especially the ones who stay for 17 months.

And of course, SuSu defender of Coldwater. She is like me defending Mendota. We don’t give up!

I have ask SuSu to write something about Coldwater and Highway 55, before and now, it has been 23 years.  She is a much better writer them me.

If anyone wants to write your experiences at Coldwater or Highway 55 , sent your letters to me. We will share them at our 21 Wacipi.

Love Sharon