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Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter

Victoria Scott has MSA and Parkinson’s disease and needs help.

Hello Everyone, just want to let know how Victory Scott with her permission is doing now.
Victoria Scott need some help. She has Parkinson Disease & Multiple System Atrophy since Oct 19, 2019.
E-mail her,  cell 763-273-0444.
Victoria’s is progressing quickly with her Parkinson disease & Multiple System Atrophy since Oct 19, 2019.
Victoria is not doing well.
She cannot write, get out of the left chair alone, cannot take a shower alone, she needs help in and out of bed. Eating is hard for her tongue is swollen because of the diseases.
She has an aid come in from 9-1am to get here out of bed, make her breakfast, bath, whatever she needs. Another Aid come again from 7-9 pm to make dinner and put her to bed. Vicky needs to pay for aids her herself. Insurance run out for her home care. It is costing her $1,000.00 a month for help.
For people who want to see her and love her can help.  Just take a nice drive and come and visit Victoria spend a few hours with her.
She needs companionship. Maybe you can volunteer you time to visit her a few hours, or the day from 1-7 the gap, 7 days a week, she has no one around for hours.
Call her and talk, she cannot talk for long, but she would love to hear from you.
Maybe some churches, organization in the Cambridge area that help comfort people in their home in need?
She does not want to go to a nursing home. She would like to stay in her home for now.
I think she needs to be in a nursing home she needs 24 hour care.
Not lay in she bed for12 hours. She can not move. Or sits in that chair for 7 hours can’t move.
it break my heart to see her like this. I love her so much and I cant do anything but be supportive.
Something needs to change NOW.
Love auntie Sharon