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Tommy’s research on president Joe Biden on how we hope he will help us.

‘ve done very extensive research on our president Joe Biden and his promises to help all native nations I’m very happy he has already made drastic changes all across Indian country. So what’s next is write a letter send it to the Bia at the white house and the president. They will review our letter and help us edit or move on to the next step. Upon my findings we will finally get not only recognized it will all happen with less paperwork and research. Our president is all about our spiritual connection and very much in favor of honoring our treaties very good news for us all. So today I’m gonna find and send you all letters from other tribes that have got the attention of our president including my own tribe Standing Rock Sioux .As you may know communicating with the government and having them hear us is a whole different language then we are NOT used to at all. So with all do respect if your research and findings are less 100% facts and your not fully prepared then now is not the time. We will get what we want it’s all about how we present ourselves and what clear plans and attentions we have to move forward as a tribal nation. Also we need clear to the point communication enough we need this or that and jumping around in letters and conversations that will get us absolutely no where we can and will get overlooked again . I’ve been in several meetings dealing with the government here in leech lake nation also I was on the election campaign and we won by more then half the reservation votes. So let’s be clear again if we come unprepared without 100% facts and you can’t follow through with getting things done or are gonna jump around the point of our meetings and letters then let’s wait til we are fully prepared before fully moving forward. Also the biggest thing I’ve noticed over the years we start something and never finish anything cause we all have a lot to do. So I encourage us all to read what I sent and also follow Biden on YouTube and news in his dealings with our people across the nation keep in mind. Biden supports us 100% now it’s up to us to present a clear heart felt vision of our people we are finally on the way home to not only getting things done but by doing 100% on point communication .Thanks everyone for your time, research and efforts can’t wait to see our name on the Federally recognized tribes once and for all. Also a news conference is also in order after the letter and we get direction from the Bia and other tribal leaders .I’m doing a sit in meeting next week which includes Biden and our governors here. My bro and tribal chairmen Farron Jackson Sr will be speaking so I get to witness government to government communication first hand it’s kind of like a courtroom. So #1 welcomes and titles #2 clear vision with facts #3 presentation #4 conclude and agree #5 be humble and thankful and be about our vision and way of life. Good job good luck much heartfelt appreciation for us all be blessed everyone.

Sincerely Tribal Relations,