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Jeanne Hollingsworth passed away on Dec 21, 2020. This is from Accolon Jeanne only son & grandson Cia..

This is from Accolon Jeanne only son.

 I definitely want you to tell them: Help. My mom died. I ask you folks help my son know his Grandma in a way only you can. He has always been close with her and loves her as his grandma. It is time for him to know her beyond being his Grandma. I ask people to share stories of my mom, so my boy knows what she was like in the world, how she cared for people, what she is like as a person and in community. You folks carry those treasure stories in your hearts. I ask that you send them in letters to her grandson (over the next few months). My mom is so good for my boy and I. She is my best friend and the person I share about my parenting life with. She has always been a consistent loving support in my son’s life. They were laughing buddies when he was little and are still close now. My mom was the special person he could confide things to. She was that person for me too. I’m a single dad and my mom was the woman of this family. She always helped us through the tough stuff and made our family life more enjoyable. She added a sense of family beyond what my boy and I can create as just he and I. She was so good for us. And she is what made our holidays feel like family holidays. It’s always the 3 of us. I will miss our weekly mother/son nature walks together. And our visiting into the late night hours at my home, after our walking and talking at the nature center we both enjoyed so much. Friday nights are our nights. I will miss bringing my mom with when I take my boy to get an ice cream cone and walk along the lake. I will miss my mom swimming at the beach with us. She is a grandma that would swim at the beach with us. She would even get down on the floor in our living room to play with her grandson. We will miss sitting by the fire with her and camping with her and playing Uno (card game) with her at our neighborhood cafe while drinking cocoa. And just being with us at our house joking around with us or watching a show with us. My son often asked for my mom to sleep over when she visited and was delighted when she did. She joined in many bedtime story times and would rub my son’s back (like she did for me when I was a boy) while I read the bedtime story. When her grandson was little he would cuddle up between my mom and I and rest into having us both there. Those were extra special bedtimes. My boy has been growing up feeling that his grandma cares so much about us and about people in general. I have always been glad for my mom’s influence on my boy. I must tell you wonderful folks my mom was my childhood hero. When I was a boy, she gave me the good example of leaving my abusive alcoholic step-dad, and more than that, she lead the way for my spiritual life by embarking so fully her own spiritual life (that she began after freeing hers and my family life from alcoholism), and by sharing her spiritual explorations with me. She showed me a wide and varied spiritual world. When I was a boy, I wanted to help heal the pain in the society I was growing up in. My mom blazed that trail for me. And when I was a teenager, she connected me with my kung fu teacher who gave me kung fu priest training, which put me on my own path of service to humanity. I will always be grateful to her for that. The people I help have my mom to thank for me being able to help them with my spiritual kung fu skills because she helped me get started. When I was in high school, my friends who I sat with at lunch would complain about their moms while we ate. I did not complain about mine. I remember the 1st time they started in complaining about their moms, they took turns around the table. They had gone all around the table and I was the last one left to chime in a complaint. I sat quietly a moment while they all looked at me until I finally said: “What! I like my mom.” I felt that way because of her good example for me and her care of me. My mom so loved you folks and being part of your communities always meant so much to her. Thank you, folks, for being part of my mom’s life.


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