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Students may be calling you with a few questions.

This is an Example story. If your story is to long for you to write, like this one LOL, then just talk to the students when they call you with a few questions. We are only interviewing about 30 people. We only have until Dec for the student to complete for their grade.

Albert & Lilly LaClaire (LeClaire) had a farm at Prior Lake Indian Community in the early 1920 until 1942 when Albert died. Albert LeClaire birthday is May 12, 1885.

Lillian Felix LeClaire birthday is Sept 6, 1881 both born in Mendota MN.

We have the records of Albert & Lilly animals, the contract they signed, and what lots they had.

Clearly the oldest place on the Shakopee Reservation is Albert & Lilly’s LaClaire’s land and it is over 100 years old.

Albert used the name LaClaire, and LeClaire.

He was in a car accident on the Prior Lake Reservation. A cousin of Alberts was driving the car, they were all hurt but grandfather was hurt the most, they were all related. Looking for that article in a newspaper in the Prior Lake area in 1942.

No hospital would take him because he was Indian. He went to Pipestone Indian Hospital where he died a month later of a broken back. He suffered because Pipestone hospital did not have the right equipment or doctors for his injuries, all because of the color of his skin.

Lilly, grandmother was at least admitted in a Hospital in St Paul. The hospital would not take care of her, Lilly children had to take care of her, I get so mad when I heard what grandmother and grandfather went through.

I would like to find old hospital records for Albert in Pipestone and Lilly at a St Paul Hospital.

The Brewers were on that land for years after Albert died about 40 years.

I guess there were a few other families on that land, before the Brewer farmed it.

Everyone said grandfather died of a broken heart after Lilly died in 1940.

The LeClaire Felix family has never been credited or acknowledged for that house or shack, I feel it is time.

Shakopee used to have a video of the house in the Shakopee hotel’s rooms, I see they do not play that anymore.

I have tried for many years to get this resolved in a good and respectful way with no replies from the Shakopee tribe ever.

It should be easy to find your old property lots from the 1900’s.

I was sent a page in a land book on Prior Lake land.

I have seen documents of the land that grandfather farmed in a book that Susan Totenhagen showed us back in 1994 when she was doing enrollment.

When Susan realized that was her family farm now, she called her father and we all went to see my grandfather and grandmother’s old family house.

Beverly Scott my sister and I had felt grandmother and grandfather, we both stared to cry with sorrow as to what they went thru on the re

Shakopee put an ad in the paper looking for descendants back in 1994?

We went out there to apply for membership. Norman Crook, my mother Selisha Felix LeClaire’s first cousin told us we would get in, but that never happened. We are related to the Campbells and many others at Shakopee. We got a letter saying that we did not qualify to become a member.

I still have that letter, if you would like to see it, it was signed by Anita Campbell.

My mother Selisha LeClaire wanted to find the farmhouse where she lived and went to school, we could never find the house.

Grandfather lived in poverty with no water, electricity, they all lived in shacks back then.

Abraham Robinette, grandfather’s cousin, also lived there next to grandfather’s farm.

Also do you have documents of who attended the old red school house in 1900 – 1920?

Looking for records of the Little Red School House in Prior Lake in the late 1900.

My mother Selisha and her 4 siblings, Albert Jr, Ray, Selisha, Margaret, and Russell LeClaire.  went to school at the old little red school.

Until Lilly got land in Mendota, grandmother was tired of how her family was treated by the whites.

We are related to Chief Cetanwakanmani, Taoyatwduta from the 1862 uprising, Agathe Winona Red Woman Angelique DuPuis Renville, Mazasnawin Iron Woman Rosalie Freniere. I have documentation on everything I have talked about.

 The Descendants of our families have been in Mendota for 130 years, all Dakotas for thousands of years.

Thank You for your time, I hope you can give me a few answers that I and my family have been seeking or point me the right person.

Felix, LeClaire, Renville, DuPuis, Fernier,Turpin, Bellecourt, Robinette, Campbell, LaCroix, LaBatte

Newcomb, Perron, Lemay,

Leith, Sherry, Auge,

Faribault, Cermak, Crooks, DuFour.

Many of these families, not all are descendants of Chief Cetanwakanmani, or Chief Wabasha.

Many of these names are spell different ways.

Like LeClaire, LaClaire, Le Cleur, etc.

Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman for the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community.

Mitakuye Owasin (We Are All Related)

Wakiya Waste Win ( Good Thunder Woman )

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