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The Mayo Hospital is a fabulous hospital.

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The Mayo hospital is a fabulous hospital. I can’t say enough good things about it.
But It is just easier to go a mile from by my house. I don’t have to pay to park. A whole lot less people coughing and sneezing every 2 seconds. Over 60 people waiting to give blood. People going every which way like ants. Getting lost there it is so overwhelming. Wheel chairs everywhere.
Until you get cancer you don’t realize how many people have some kind of cancer these days. Why do so many people have CANCER??
Cancer it is so scary the dreaded word no one wants to hear you have CANCER.
I have decided to go to MN Oncology.
I start treatment next week I have 3 treatments to choose from?
I’m so pooped out I need to rest now I hurt from head to toe and tired from all that walking. Sean would have got a wheelchair for me. I said NO I want to walk. Why did I say that LOL
Love you all, thank you all for your love and support!
Phone is ringing of the hook again so I better put this on face book. LOL
Love Sharon