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The Lakota Child Rescue Project

Mitakuyapi, Relatives,
Cante waste nape ciyuzapi. Traditional greetings to you with a warm handshake and a good heart.  Please take time to learn about our work here at the Lakota People’s Law Project.  We are spearheading our flagship program, the Lakota Child Rescue Project and hope you can help us promote our work by forwarding this email to your friends, relatives and networks.
Lakota Child Rescue Project
The Lakota Child Rescue Project (LCRP) is pursuing legal action against the South Dakota Department of Social Services (SD DSS) for its long-standing violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA).
We want to compel the State to change their policies towards Native families.
Did you know Native American children in South Dakota are:
  • 13% of the state population?
  • 60% of the children in foster care in 2007?
  • 16 times more likely to be placed in out-of-home care than their non-native peers (between 2003-2005)?
SD DSS is not in compliance with ICWA!
It’s been 30 years since ICWA was passed and systemic non-compliance is a reason for an increase in SD DSS cases.  This, coupled with depleted Tribal finances needed to manage these cases has led to an extension of colonization, assimilation and genocide of the Lakota people.
LCRP promotes a holisitic approach to systemic change.
Not only do we work on investigation and research for potential litigation, we also work to provide community outreach, organizing and education aimed at shifting the social consciousness needed to achieve systemic change.
LCRP has started to bring State and Tribal entitites together in our effort to facilitate the development of culturally-based child protective services on Tribal lands.
LCRP Investigates SD DSS
LCRP is focusing our initial investigation on Oglala Lakota tribal members and children who’s ICWA rights may have been violated by SD DSS.
If your ICWA rights violations occurred outside the Oglala reservation we want to hear from you!
The LCRP is hosting weekly community meetings to discuss:
  • Onging practicfes of the SD DSS Child Protection Services
  • Their treatment of Native American families
  • Violation of the Indian Child Welfare Act
Meetings will be held
Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm at the Lakota People’s Law Project office, 117 Knollwood Drive, Rapid City, SD (next to Oglala Lakota College)
Please forward the attached flyers and contact us for more information.
Pilamiyaye, Thank you,
Lakota Child Rescue Project
117 Knollwood Dr.
Rapid City, SD  57701
(605) 791-0990 phone
1-888-LAK-LAW4  toll free
info@lakotalaw. org