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Since my 75 birthday was cancelled, because I got double pneumonia.


Since my 75 birthday was cancel because I got double pneumonia. I would like to have you all cerebrate my 75 party with me at the Pow wow what an honor. We will have a get together on Saturday Sept 11th, from 6-7 doing intermission between grand entries. There will be so many people there can you bring a cake, or cupcakes to share. Home made is always good. We need to have enough cake, cupcakes for everyone. Bring cakes to the booth for the cakes only. Thank you for sharing my birthday with me.

We also need cases of water and pop. If you want to drop off anything on Sept 7 after 1:00. Security will be there.

If you want to help setup be there by 12:00. Ask for Tommy, Jason H, Earl or Michael.

Love Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman.

Good Thunder Woman.

So Proud to be a Dakota Elder!!