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Sharon’s 75th Potluck Birthday Party Aug 28th, VFW in Mendota

Sharon’s Lennartson 75 Birthday Party Sat Aug 28. At the VFW in Mendota, MN 55150. 1-5 potluck.

If you have not got an invite please email us we will send you one mendotadkaota@gmail.com. We need to know how much food to get?

My mother Tribal Chairwoman Sharon Lennartson will be 75 on August 28, 2021. Birthday flyer coming soon!!!!

Saturday August 28, at the VFW in Mendota, from 1-5 maybe longer!

Half a block from our tribal office.

VFW address 1323 Sibley Memorial Hwy Mendota, MN, MN 55150.

We really hope you can come to this special party, come cerebrate with us, and to acknowledge all her hard work for 27 years, 30 years if we go back to the beginning of our community. Mom has been tribal chair for 16 years.

I have seen how hard she works for volunteering  her time to Mendota everyday 7 days a week no pay.

Saturday August 28, at the VFW in Mendota, MN 55150, from 1-5 maybe longer Indian time.

What ever people bring for a potluck!

Reply to this email if you will be attending as this is invite only.

No gifts, unless you want to donate to the Wacipi for raffle booth.

I just want you to spent the afternoon with me and family.

No children please, the party is at a VFW there will be alcohol.

Come see many family members.

Hope to see you there. Can you write a little story about my mom if you want. They will be a nice memory for her. We should be celebrating that too. How long she has devoted her live to Mendota.

Sponsored by The Mendota Council, myself Joe, my brothers are Sean Monahan, Dan Monahan and grandchildren Sam and Nick.

Thank you Joe Lennartson

Email memdotadakota@gmail.com,  if you would like to set up and take down the party.