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Sharon Lennartson, celebrating 15 years of volunteering!

Sharon Lennartson is celebrating 15 years at volunteering at the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community.

I have tears of happiness in my eyes as I am writing this.

Today Feb 11, is my 15th wonderful, marvelous, anniversary volunteering for the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Community. Mostly ups with some downs but I suppose that is to be expected. All the people I have come to know and love through the years makes everything worth it.

Bob came to me in a dream after he died. I did not know what he wanted me to do. I know Bob is watching over me and I hope he is proud of me. Bob still comes to me in a dream occasionally.

I guess Bob wanted me to get more involved in the community. Linda was doing a great job. But I think Bob wanted a Dakota woman and me because of all his sisters I was the only one who would and could devote my time. I think he wanted me to follow his vision, and that is what I had to do. I could never fill his shoes. I could never ever come close to what he achieved nor would I try. All I can do is follow his vision, which has become my own these past 15 years. I am so proud of what Bob and Linda accomplished in the first 10 years. Thank you to Jim, Beverly, Mike, Greg, Bruce, Vickie, to many to mention. Thank you to all who helped us get back home to Mendota, to re-establish our families & community. We have maintain our office in Mendota since 1994 that is 25 years and proud of it. We have come close to closing our doors a few times. The creator has always been there for us and we found a place to move. That is NOT easy in Mendota since Mendota is only three blocks long. One left turn one right turn LOL.

Our families have been in Mendota for hundreds of years.
We maintain our office through contributions and donations.
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As Bob would always say, BE Dakota Every Day!
Love Sharon