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QUOTES: Chief Crazy Horse

A very great vision is needed and the man
who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks
the deepest blue of the sky.
Chief Crazy Horse 


“My lands are where my dead lie buried”

“I will return to you in stone”
When asked about the small stone he always wore.

“A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky. I was hostile to the white man…we preferred hunting to a life of idleness on our reservations. At times we did not get enough to eat and we were not allowed to hunt. All we wanted was peace and to be left alone. Soldiers came and destroyed our villages. Then Long Hair (Custer) came…They say we massacred him, but he would have done the same to us. Our first impulse was to escape but we were so hemmed in we had to fight.”

“If I ever pass away, the white men will take you under their custody as wards”
Spoken to the Sioux Tribe

“My bones will turn to rock and my joints to flint” His body is said to have been buried at a place of a steep face rock cliff.
After a time spent on top of Beaver Mountain two days before his death

After the last observance of the true original and genuine sun dance observed on behalf of Crazy Horse just before he traveled to Fort Robinson, Chief Crazy Horse requested of the warrior cousins (Eagle Thunder, Walking Eagle, Kicking Bear, Black Fox and Flying Hawk – the last three being brothers and sons of Chief Black Fox also known as Great Kicking Bear – all five being blood-cousins of Crazy Horse) who participated in the Sun Dance that:“At my death paint my body with red paint and plunge it into fresh water to be restored back to life, otherwise my bones will be turned into stone and my joints into flint in my grave, but my spirit will rise” But when Crazy Horse was killed, the warriors were in such a condition of extreme mourning that no one remembered his request.