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The MMDTC is a Tribal 501C3 Org

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is a Tribal 501C3 Org

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The New Breed of CPAs, serving Tribal Governments Only. Contact us, we may be able to donate our time to assist Mendota members in starting a new business, including Covid funding.


Prayers, Drums and Dance Oyate Gathering at St Peters Church, Mendota MN 55150.

Prayers, Drums and Dance Oyate Gathering at St Peters Church, Mendota MN 55150.


For anyone who wants to join us in our community gathering on Sept 11-13-2020 in lieu of our 21st Traditional Wacipi – Pow Wow.


This will be a small gathering, with the sacred fire lite at 5:05 on Friday. Bob, Jim, Chris, Lenny, Windy and others will be watching over us. We need one or two drums, and some dancers. We do want to keep this small. There are no payouts. Just sing, dance, and spend quality time together on this sacred land. We will watch the eagles come when they hear the drums. It will be nice to visit, as we are always too busy during the Wacipi – Pow Wow.

We will be selling fry bread, Indian tacos, hot dogs, and walleye. Customers will be served behind plexiglass. There will be a drive-up option too. We will be following safe practices such as wearing masks and social distancing (6ft). This will be a fundraiser & MMDTC we will be celebrating our 25 year as a community.


We need volunteers to make food, make deliveries to cars, and other small jobs. Please call the tribal office in Mendota at 651-452-4141.


We are so sorry we could not have our Wacipi – Pow Wow it breaks our hearts.


If you are planning to volunteer, please bring your own chairs and setup 6 ft from each other.


We must do this it is in our hearts and soul and look back and reflect on our community and our Wacipi – Pow Wows.


Please do not come if you are sick.


Sponsored by MRAC & MMDTC.


Pidamaya Thank You.

Sharon Lennartson Tribal Chairwoman (Good Thunder Woman).

John LeClaire Tribal Vicechair.

Greg Strandmark Tribal Historian.

Jason Delmont Tribal Secretary.

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