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is a Tribal 501C3 Org

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From Deanna Rae Standing Cloud.

Please take 10 minutes to read!

Take a break from your hectic world for a moment, my Anishinabe brothers and sisters. Separate yourself from the chaos that has at times had the power to engulf your life. Allow the power to be shifted back to your authentic self. Reflect for a moment on the following idea:


Consider our presence on a global scale and given the reality of our past as Indigenous peoples, just being alive and being able to celebrate life as Anishinabe people is a precious state of being. Do you ever stop to realize as you go about your day that we were never meant to make it this far? We may be invisible on some levels of society and we may not be given the equal opportunities as others, but you know what? We are breathing, we are celebrating, we are talking the language, and we are making babies. Corporate Government and Manifest Destiny says we were suppose to be exterminated a long time ago. Do you realize that there is a well thought out calculated plan formulated by the Government to exterminate every Indigenous person in America? With that piece of information, take a look around your immediate surroundings. Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly. Look around. What do you see? I can tell you what it is that I see. I am in my bedroom, on my bed. To the right of me lies my 11 month old son sleeping. His beautiful brown hair sprouts out in various directions and each of his limbs drape comfortably outward to his sides. His one piece body suit is not buttoned, so his size 4 pamper is wrinkled and visible. His delicate body is rhythmically embracing the sacred pattern of breath. For me, there is nothing more precious that what it is I am witnessing right now. He is a miracle. Why? Because there were an unbelievable number of campaigns, sanctions, and people who did everything they could to prevent his birth. But you know what? I gave birth to my son, he was given his spirit name, I will raise him in a traditional way by any means possible and I will teach him how to survive the genocide. Now ask yourself this question, my brothers and sisters: What will you do in honor of our ancestors? And more importantly, what will you do in honor of your children?

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