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PINE RIDGE: Running out of water, electricity shut off, police were here

Yes Cops were just here, electricity will be out for possibly more then 2 more weeks. Water is getting scarce. is doing the best they can, they are in contact with Vice Chairman. Sad that news does not pick up on this serious matter as much as other news. I am sure there are other organizations that are trying to assist, don’t know their information. But people can go to the website and see how they can assist, they have a good track record., they assisted in tornado victims in Pine Ridge before.

On 26/1/10 6:04 PM, “kelly morgan” wrote:

Just spoke to my sister down in Eagle Butte. She said they have no water again. That the pump house flooded after the pipes froze and broke. She said that she saw the Red Cross there and that she heard that Walmart delivered a truckload of supplies. She also said that there is very little communication to the community as to what is going on. That there are members of the National Guard there and that they are doing some things. Yet there is not much communication of what is happening getting out to them in the community. They do have power right now in Eagle Butte but that REC will have to shut it off again as they continue to repair poles.

I am certain, as with my brother West of McLaughlin, that there are many without power and heat in the outer districts on Standing Rock, Cheyenne River and everywhere else in South and North Dakota where this dangerous situation is occurring. I graduated from high school in McLaughlin and have relatives on both Standing Rock and Cheyenne River. I hope that they and your brother are all safe as we enter into a very cold below zero night in this part of the country.

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