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Mendota Mdewakanton Newsletter


Omaha Family loses everything in FIRE, please help!

This Omaha Family Lost Everything they Own in A House Fire Today at 3:00pm 4-14-08


They are in need of any kind of help, they will need to start all over they can use: Clothes, Cookware, Bedding, Jackets, Towels, Furniture, Financial Contributions are Greatly Appreciated if you find in your heart to help financially please make checks out to Barbara Omaha This Elderly Grandmother raised 9 children and 40 grandchildren and great grandchildren in this house.  She is a spiritual elder she has lived in this house for 40 years she has a sweat lodge in her backyard.

Many community members have come here to pray, over the years she has helped

many people now it is time for her to receive help, as her family is homeless with nothing, all her spiritual items may not be recovered years of photos, and memories may have been lost, we lost a one year old puppy, luckily everyone got out safe, but now she is suffering and is in desperate need of help from our community if anyone wants to donate please drop off donations to her daughter Maggie’s

house the address is 3101 34th Ave South Minneapolis, MN there will be someone there at all times collecting any donations will be greatly appreciated as well as prayers, we are coming to you in a humble way asking for assistance and for help. Wolakota we are all related Thank you in advance from the Omaha Family

She has 7 grandchildren

Nellie Omaha Age 9 girl clothes size10-12 shoe size 6

Lavonne Senogles Age 10 clothes girl 10-12 shoe size 7

Arlana Senogles Age 11 girl clothes 14-16 shoe 9 woman

Buster Senogles Age 7 boy clothes 8 shoe size 3

John Omaha Age 8 boy clothes 8 shoe size 3

Leroy Omaha age 10 boy clothes 12 shoe 5

David Omaha age 12 boy clothes 14 shoe 6

Barbara Omaha is a 4x womans shoe size 9

Amanda Senogles age 20 clothes 7 shoe size 7

Tony Senogles adult mens 30 pants med shirt shoe mens 9

Buster Senogles adult mens 42 pants 3x-large shirt shoe 11

Jim Omaha adult mens 32×34 pants med shirt shoe size 10

Kevin Smokeyday adult mens 38 pants 2xshirt shoe size 11

Brad Senogles adult mens38 pants 2x shirt shoe size 10

please drop off donations to her daughter Maggie’s house
3101 34th Ave South Minneapolis, MN (

if you have any questions you can call me or email me:

Arlana Omaha