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Mendota’s18th Wacipi Sept 8-10-2017 Supplies Help.

I keep getting calls, emails, asking what we need for our Wacipi. Here are a few things.

Our flyer is on the website, you can print it on this site. Please send to everyone you know. The flyer is on face book too please send out to everyone you know.

We got the Wacipi Grant!!! But we need more help and donations.

  1.  We need volunteers Maria needs help with calling volunteers.
  2.  We need more donations
  3. We need tables, chairs
  4. Signs made
  5. Donations for the raffle booth.
  6. Please send a donation request letter to churches in you area. If you want to send out a request letter call Sharon I will send you a request letter from MMDC.
  7. We have enough security.
  8. Tables – 8feet  (4)
  9. Folding chairs  (30)
  10.  Canopy 30×40 (2)
  11. Canopies 12×10  (2)  12×12  (3)
  12. We always need cases pop, and water.  Thank you for your concern and support on our 18th Wacipi.