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Mendota’s 17th Wacipi was very successful again this year! Sharon

Mendota’s 17th Wacipi was very successful again this year! First I want to thank the creator, and to all the eagles who fly around us when they hear the drum. It takes about 3 months of hard work to make the Wacipi run smoothly. When I see the honor guards, dancers, and everyone else come in to the circle and hear the drums, it makes all the hard work go away. I want to thank a few people. First my 3 son sons. Joe was a huge help to me, and so was Sean. I could not have done all the things I was responsible for. Also thank you to Dan and my wonderful grandkids. Thank you Maria who got all the volunteers. I also want to thank security for their hard work. Tommy, Sky, Jason, Lawrence, Cory, Joseph, Dave, Frybread, Dean, Ashley, Melissa, and all of the security we had this year. Joy, who did a wonderful job in the kitchen again. Barb, Duba, Joan, and Cathy, Dick, June for being there and a great job getting the raffle both together. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped wherever help was needed. Thank you to Pat and Sylvia for doing the buttons again this year. Cathy for being our nurse. Thank you to all our vendors, our veterans, and the foreign exchange students who helped. Thank you to our tribal council Lon, Marlene, John, Perry and Chris for all their hard work. Thank you to all our volunteers. To all our drums, dancers. Our head dancers Mary & Barry. Lonny for her hard work signing in our dancers. I really want to thank Gary our MC, who came from Cass Lake, and Windy and Wendy’s son for all their hard work. To Perry and Carl for the Federal Recognition display. It was a wonderful day with beautiful weather. Aside from then a few oop’s, everything went great. I want to thank St Peters Church for letting us have our Wacipi there each year on this very sacred land. Also Cherokee Park United Church for their wonderful feast on Sunday, thank you Maria, Karen, Jim, and all who helped from the church and for letting us use their chairs. Connie for her wonderful frybread. If I forgot someone please forgive me. Now on to our 18 Wacipi Sept 8,9,10, 2017.

I can’t forget the people who came to the Wacipi, Button Works, Shepherd Buffalo, Republic Garbage Co, Dart’s Portable, Schlomka Toilets. Last but not least all who made individual donations. For MRAC for their donation. White Earth, Mille Lac, Holiday Gas in Lilydale, Lucky 13, South Robert Street Business Association just too many to list thank you. If I forgot someone please forgive me.

Sincerely the Mendota Mdewakanton Dakota Tribal Council.

Sharon Lennartson Chairwoman, Chris Antiel Vice Chairman, Marlene Dixon Treasurer/Secretary, Perry Altendorfer Historian, Lon Navarre and John LeClaire, Members at Large.

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