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Mendota’s 13 Wacipi was Wonderful the best EVER!!!!

dreamcatcher transparentThere were so many eagles flying around, it was inspiring. The energy at the Wacipi was so so strong. We had over 150 dancers from all over the 5 states. We had 31 vendors, some did not show up, but it shows us that people do want to come to our Wacipi in Mendota on this sacred land. We sold a lot of  buttons.  We went thru 7 tubs of fry bread. The raffle made twice the money as usual. The parking lot was full, and down the street towards the bridge. We recieved a 1,000 donation, this person will become an honorary member soon.  We also had others who want to join as honorary members too from the Wacipi. Each year the attendance grows, there had to be at least 3,000 come and go. Next year is our 14th, and we will be honoring my brother Bob Brown. We had so much help from lots of people it was great. Mendota has had so many emails, phone calls, texts before the Wacipi. After the Wacipi we had so many calls and emails again about how wonderful the Wacipi was. Love you all, see you next year.

The Wacipi committee did an excellence job again this year.


The Wacipi Committee.

Your Tribal Council and it’s members.


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