“Preserving, Protecting and Promoting the Dakota Culture for Future Generations”
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I posted we are looking for Lineal Members on facebook and our website.

www.mendotadakota.com mendotadakota@gmail.com

I posted we are looking for Lineal Members on face book and our website. Your Dakota ancestor must have resided in the village or township of Mendota, Minnesota and be listed on any one of the following documents: James McLaughlin’s 1899 “Census of Mdewakanton Sioux of Minnesota” · Any one or more of U.S. Censuses for Mendota for the years 1900 through 1930 · Any one of the 1800 – 1900 Census of Mendota. You must prove that you are a lineal descendant of the Dakota (Mdewakanton, Sisseton, Wahpeton, and Wapekute) people. Your Dakota affiliation may be proven from the documents listed in Part V, Proof of Descendancy, or other documents (i.e., Santee Tribal Rolls or earlier censuses).