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On July 20th, I was at lake Harriet when I noticed a group that was fishing. I was greeted by everybody’s warm spirit and I witnessed the fishing event and the gathering afterwards. A leaflet was available at the event about Minnesota’s Sesquicentennial 150 years of statehood 150 years of lies. I took one and read it. I felt that it was obvious that I should work to share this info.

I asked one of participants if I could reproduce that leaflet on a website project that I’m involved at. I’m writing to let you know that I have just published the content of that leaflet in the “members publications” section on TCPedia. The website is called TCPedia, it stands for the Twin Cities Encyclopedia.. and it is a community project written by individuals for the benefit of all, it’s aimed at empowering the community and individuals by offering a ‘voice’ online and the ability to share knowledge and gain instant publicity through multiple free tools (through Member’s Publications, Local Listings, Classifieds, Events Calendar, Ratings and Comments along with a quick inclusion into Google search engine results for the world to find).This is free.

The URL to this article is:

Thank you for allowing me to help in a small way by posting these facts online. Please feel free to review the text, leave comments. Please allow TCPedia to help you in any way, you can publish more articles, and add your organization to the Local Listings (It’s a community directory that allows you to have a whole page online with images etc…this is similar to the Yellow Pages but offers more space and flexibility ). You are also welcome to add events to the TC Events calendar these will also be found by google hopefully gaining you more visibility and a stronger ‘voice’ online.

Should you need any help, if you have suggestions, or if you would like me to create a listing for you I’d be glad to do so, you could provide me with the text you’d like added to the local listing I also could write a quick summary from the info found on your website and I’m sure that TCPedia will generate traffic to your website and also Google will index that information.

Everything I mentioned above is free, TCPedia is a free website, with a goal to help you help yourself and help others..  Just by sharing info. When you publish something to get the word out or give your opinion you not only help yourself but others who ‘needed’ to read that info.

Thank you. Ethan

Waziyatawin, Ph.D.

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