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Friday, April 19, Full Moon Walk/Water Ceremony at Coldwater.

Friday, April 19, Full Moon Walk/Water Ceremony at Coldwater.

Celebrating Water, the Feminine Element

Water Ceremony Plans

Before the Ceremony:

John Gebhart get a gallon of CW water in a glass jug, collect in smaller jug and run thru sieve into the gallon jug

Set-up at the Spring House with paper cups, Christina & John stay at Spring House to welcome walkers who will take the easy (broader) path from the park entrance to the Spring House. Christina & John please arrange a little altar at the Spring House with the water, cups and the object that Dave Walks With Eagles made and gifted to Friends of Coldwater at the most recent Mendota Dakota community meeting.

Dave’s object is about 12 X 6-inches of wooden (I think balsam) pieces (that will float). There are 7 pieces making up a platform linked with red yarn with tobacco ties with the traditional colors, black, red, yellow, white, plus sky (blue) and earth (green). Dave Walks With Eagles also gave me some tobacco which I have saved with the object.

I’m hoping to invite Dave Walks With Eagles to the event to maybe say a few words or at least to set the object in Coldwater Creek on its way to the Mississippi. 

Ceremony flow:

1) Earl greet full moon walkers at the entrance to the park, say Welcome etc., introduce yourself and Susu from Friends of Coldwater and explain your relationship with the Mississippi, love of water, whatever

2) and then lead the walkers at a slow pace (remember I am kind of crippled from knee surgery) down the path and then up to the Spring House in a circle. Invite women to rattle as we walk down to the Spring House. (Christina says rattling attracts the ancestors in Native tradition. In my tradition rattling  focuses energy.)

3) John—pass out tobacco to everyone’s (preferred) left hand, the hand closest to your heart

4) Water Sharing

Christina you might want to say a few words about what you and I are doing.

Susu to pass out paper cups (and collect them later in a paper bag) 

Christina water pourer

5) After water sharing I’d like to pass around, clockwise, the object and allow everyone to touch & bless it. People could sprinkle their tobacco on the object or into Coldwater.

6) Then Earl will lead us walking down to the little bridge over Coldwater Creek and have Dave Walks With Eagles or Earl place the object in the stream on its way to the Big Water.

Ok what have I screwed-up or forgotten?

I would like to invite women to bring their rattles and rattle the walking parts of this ceremony. It would be respectful if women would wear a skirt or tie a scarf around your waist in a demi-skirt.

The reason I like rattling is the sound focuses people and they are apt to shut-up and be IN the ceremony. Since water is a feminine element and women worldwide are associated with water the sound and rattling would add to the ambiance of the ceremony.

In this tradition it is not appropriate for people to wear any kind of hats (unless Muslim women attend).

PLEASE email REPLY ALL to let everybody know you will be at the Friday eve, April 19 event, rain or shine, and that you are willing to do your part or suggest something better.



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