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Update on my cancer, Love Sharon. 4-7-2018

For those of you who have not heard I have cancer I was diagnosed in Dec 2017. I have Low Grade Lymophoma it is a slow growing cancer.  I have seen 3 doctor now.
Still not sure what treatment I will get and when I start.  I’m a fighter I will beat this!  Went to Mayo, I go back there in two weeks. I’m feeling a little  frustrated after 4 months of waiting. Check on facebook for updates or on the website.
There was a sweat and prayers on 1/10/18 for me at the DuPuis House Wednesday night from 5 -10pm Potluck. I feel blessed so many people came to the sweat and gave me many medicines. I have had over 500 people contact me so I know I will be fine. Thank you all for your Love and support.

Love Sharon